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At least once a year, the Niagara County Health Department inspects every establishment in the county that serves food.

Those considered high-risk -- because they serve children or the elderly, or serve foods that require a lot of processing, or are prepared hours or days before serving -- are inspected at least twice a year.

Exemplary establishments receive no rating. Violations are classified as critical problems that could lead to food-borne illness, which must be remedied immediately, or problems involving sanitation, design, maintenance and cleanliness, which must be corrected by the inspector's next visit.

Niagara Falls

* Club Joey Restaurant and Lounge, 1532 Pine Ave. No critical violations. Two others: Bottom inside of kitchen microwave has food buildup; improper storage of clean spoons in kitchen and service areas. Nonoperational inspection Oct. 26.

* Community Missions Kitchen, 1406 Falls St. No critical violations. Three others: Stainless steel cooler and GE refrigerator gaskets are in disrepair; dust buildup on kitchen wall, ceiling fan and light fixtures under hood; covered waste receptacle needed in ladies' restroom. Inspected Oct. 22.

* Huang's China Garden, 722 Portage Road. One critical violation: Refrigerator door does not seal, causing unsafe food temperatures; foods are moved to walk-in-cooler, corrected at this time. Three others: Food is improperly stored on walk-in cooler floor and onions on floor outside of walk-in cooler, corrected at this time; two cutting boards need to be replaced or resurfaced, corrected at this time; wiping cloth buckets are not used, corrected at this time. Inspected Oct. 26.

* Subway/satellite-mobile unit, 333 Rainbow Blvd. No violations. Inspected Oct. 26.

* Why Coffee Shop, 1319 Main St. No critical violations. Three others: no bleach in wiping cloth bucket so counters are not being sanitized after use, corrected at this time; two freezers need to be defrosted and refrigerator in dish room needs to be cleaned; dish room floor is not easily cleanable and is in disrepair. Inspected Oct. 21.

* AMF Beverly Lanes, 1340 Military Road. No critical violations. Two others: Sanitizer is not used on counters and tables, corrected at this time; prep cutting board needs to be replaced or resurfaced. Inspected Oct. 21.

* H.J. Kalfas Magnet School, 1800 Beech Ave. No violations. Inspected Oct. 22.

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