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8 PM on AP

Growing Up . . . At the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge

Brian Werner and Terri Block have created a loving home for more than 30 tigers, lions and other big cats that have been abused, neglected or displaced near Tyler, Texas. Viewers witness the birth of two tiger cubs, Sarge and Lily, and watch them grow into 100-pound tigers during their first year. (TVG) 88554

George of the Jungle

The 1997 live-action comedy stars Brendan Fraser as George, the accident-prone vine-swinger. After rescuing a lovely tourist (Leslie Mann) who is having some doubts about her snobby fiance (Thomas Haden Church), George follows the young woman to San Francisco. But he heeds the cry of his jungle friends when they are threatened by poachers. John Cleese and Richard Roundtree also star. (TVG) 585009
8 PM on Channel 4

Still Standing

Bill's (Mark Addy) mom (guest star Sally Struthers) uses a little subterfuge to get Judy (Jami Gertz) to accompany her on a cruise in this new episode. Judy is less than thrilled to discover the trip is with a group for women over 50, but she needn't worry -- the Red Hat Society is a fun bunch. Calling all fabulous 50-plus females: There really is a Red Hat Society, and it's well worth checking out. HDTV5370
8:30 PM on Channel 4

Listen Up

In an effort to shake her out of her teenage self-absorption, Tony (Jason Alexander) urges Megan (Daniella Monet) to get involved with a charity. She does, but she's picked the wrong one. Tony discovers that Buddy (guest star Wayne Knight), the group's organizer, is keeping the money it raises for himself. HDTV4405
9 PM on Channel 2

Las Vegas

Alec Baldwin guest stars in "Degas Away With It" as Jack Keller, Ed's (James Caan) less-than-honest former partner, whom Ed encounters while investigating the theft of a valuable work of art from the Montecito. Danny and Mike (Josh Duhamel, James Lesure) are caught in the crossfire of a lovers' quarrel, while Sam's (Vanessa Marcil) efforts to set up a special weekend for another couple backfire. (TV14) HDTV6950
9 PM on Channel 7

NFL Football

Forget the New England Patriots. The best team in football just might be on display tonight at Texas Stadium. (And it's not the home team, who might be as bad this season as they were surprising a year ago.) We're talking about QB Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles, whose trade for receiver Terrell Owens qualifies as the shrewdist offseason pickup thus far. Owens often demands a double-team, leaving free space for others to roam. HDTV123776
9 PM on Channel 17

They Made America

"Newcomers" profiles an immigrant and one son of immigrants whose innovations are taken for granted today. Amadeo Giannini, born to parents who came over from Italy, was the founder of the Bank of America and the father of modern consumer banking. Russian-born Ida Rosenthal mass-produced the brassiere and founded Maidenform. (TVPG) 88592

Monster Garage

In "Honey Bee Drift Car," the crew refits an unassuming little 1975 Datsun with a 280-horsepower engine from its bigger, badder cousin: a Nissan 350Z. The object is to outfit the car for drifting competition, a form of racing where the emphasis is more on style -- specifically, graceful slides through the corners -- than speed. (TVPG) 343399

Deep Sea Detectives

The new episode "Cruiser Under Siege" revisits the sinking of USS San Diego in 1918. The Navy's official position is that mines planted by a German U-boat sank the cruiser, but documents surfaced in 1999 hinting that it might have been an inside job. Divers visit the wreck, located 110 feet underwater off New York's Long Island, in search of the truth. (TVPG) 3293554
10 PM on Channel 2

$25 Million Dollar Hoax

Chrissy steals one of her sister's dreams in the "Episode 2" of this reality series when she attempts to record a Britney Spears song. Lance Bass of the boy band N'Sync makes a cameo appearance at the recording studio. (TVPG) 3009
10 PM on HBO

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Documentarian Nick Broomfield revisits the woman whose story he first told in 1992's "Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer." The film contains the last interview ever given by Wuornos, a former truck-stop prostitute who was convicted of one murder, pleaded guilty to five more and confessed to a seventh. Seen through Broomfield's lens, Wuornos is no "monster," but a sad woman who made poor choices simply because she had so few. 3531660

Investigating History

Quick, name a Civil War battle. Chances are you said, "Gettysburg" or "Antietam," not "Mine Creek." But that North-South encounter in Kansas on Oct. 25, 1864, deserves more recognition than it has received in the history books. For one thing, the Union came with 2,800 men, the Confederacy with 7,000 -- and the Yanks won. In the premiere of "The Lost Battle of the Civil War," host Bill Kurtis explains how they did it. (TVPG) 3296641