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Dolphin fans, welcome to the bottom of the heap. This time of year, football fans wait with anticipation for the annual November/December Miami meltdown. However, this year Miami has been entertaining us since March.

In the same manner as Jimmy "I Quit" Johnson, the offensive coordinator (Collier), Marino, Ricky Williams and Wannstedt all quit, followed by all those bandwagon Dolphin fans. Interestingly, Zach Thomas leads other veterans in saying he won't play if management plays young players the rest of the year. Imagine that, more Dolphins quitting!

The window has closed on that "elite defense." This team has so many holes I pity the next GM. The fans left in Miami have already renamed the stadium "Semi Pro Player Stadium." Thanks for all the entertainment.

P.S.: The winning percentage of the '72 Dolphin opponents was .440 (with zero playoff teams).

Brian Galuszka


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