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8 PM on Channel 29


The hour-long episode "Las Vegas Metro '04" offers a change from the show's usual pursue-the-perp format. It follows Sin City's finest through the investigation of a single crime -- a homicide -- from the scene all the way to court, a la "Law & Order." But those who like the show's regular fare won't be disappointed; there's also a high-speed chase and a confrontation with a drunken jaywalker. (TV14) 93744
8 PM on A&E


From boxer to TV cabbie to song-and-dance-man to current talk show host . . . what a long, strange trip it's been for the subject of "Tony Danza." The producers of "Taxi" worked his background as a pugilist into the role of Tony Banta, the first of his many characters who shared the name Tony. Another lengthy series run on "Who's the Boss?" followed; some of Danza's former TV co-stars comment. (TVPG) 163155
8 PM on TLC

Clean Sweep

In the "Cure for Clutter," the clean team visits a couple named Kate and Duffy, who are living not only with clutter but with furniture and artwork that they don't even like. The living and dining rooms are high on the list for a makeover; the former is home to the ugly furnishings, while the latter is being taken over by old clothes and Duffy's fishing buoy collection. (TVG) 519971
9 PM on Channel 4


Can you say "ripped from the headlines"? In the new episode "Camp Delta," Harm and Mac (David James Elliott, Catherine Bell) are called to the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, where suspected al-Qaida terrorists are held, and where three MPs are about to be tried for abusing a detainee. HDTV2180, 39600
9 PM on Channel 7

Hope & Faith

Nick Lachey guest stars as a hunk who turns Faith's (Kelly Ripa) head in "Just-in Time." The handsome dude happens to be a dad, so Faith decides to pass her nephew, Justin (Paulie Litt), off as her son in hopes that'll help her connect with him. Faith Ford and Ted McGinley also star. HDTV61797
9 PM on Channel 49


In "Thanksgiving," Reba and Barbra Jean (Reba McEntire, Melissa Peterman) are at odds over Turkey Day hosting duties. Finally, they agree to have the dinner at Reba's and share the cooking. The meal could have an uninvited guest, however: one large, green-eyed monster, as Barbra Jean still feels hurt over the amount of attention the family pays Reba. (TVPG) HDTV4324834

Stargate SG-1

O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and his comrades try to determine what happened to the now-missing Stargate in "Endgame." The sudden deaths of many Jaffa members may be related to the mystery -- making the members of the SG-1 team fear for their own lives. (TVPG) 5204364
10 PM on BRAVO

Cirque du Soleil: Alegria

"Alegria" is a Spanish word that expresses elation, exhilaration and jubilation. Ancient monarchies evolving into contemporary democracies; old age and youth -- these are a few of the themes and concepts woven together to create the characters that populate the world of Alegria. It's all presented in a spectacular stage setting, illuminated by dazzling lighting effects. (TVG)