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Good Charlotte is its generation's Green Day, which may sound odd, since Green Day is currently on tour, promoting the most ambitious album of its career. But to a generation of pop/punk-loving adolescents, Green Day's members are like elder statesmen -- an older sibling's punk rock. Good Charlotte's members are younger, cuter and more in touch with their adolescent angst. No "American Idiot" for them -- they're still hung up on the guy or gal who won't give them the time of day during study hall.

By blending hook-centric pop skills with a punker's dress sense and a penchant for razor-sharp, low-slung distorted electric guitar power chords, the Charlotte boys have filled a niche with something that sure looks and smells like necessity. The band's new album, "Chronicles of Life and Death," is an MTV-fueled hit and seems to be speaking directly to the needs of the band's target audience. It's understandable: These tunes are short, sharp and completely lacking in ambiguity.

At 6 p.m. Saturday, the band performs inside Erie Community College's Flickinger Athletic Center, 121 Ellicott St. Sum 41, Hazen Street and Lola Ray will share the opening duties. Tickets are $26.50 (Home of the Hits, New World Record, Ticketmaster). Or call 852-5000.

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