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Good, it's over. Now I can feel good about how well our area is doing for another four years. Things are going so terrific for so many people living in Western New York that no change in our representation was needed. Practically every incumbent has been re-elected once again.

This proves, to me at least, that the reality is we are all living in a growing and thriving metropolis. This area has so much to offer and so much disposable income, that the majority of us can afford our increases in health premiums and fuel cost. The majority of us do not mind the proposed increases in taxes and cuts in service. The majority of us believe businesses are knocking down our doors to come to our area and provide good-paying jobs. Worst of all, it seems the majority of us believe the outlook for Western New York could not possibly be any brighter.

I look forward to seeing the glow on the face of every Western New York resident for another four years. That is happiness that is making your face turn red, isn't it?

Mark Zuchlewski

East Amherst