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The world still hasn't quite fathomed Franz Josef Haydn. We're still working on it. Audiences are only recently beginning to realize what a trailblazer he was. Even as an old man, Haydn was still reaching, still trying new ideas. His brilliance and inventiveness fascinated fellow composers and made listeners weep.

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is celebrating the glory of Haydn's final years by performing all the "London" Symphonies -- the last 12 of the 104 symphonies that Haydn wrote. "The orchestra's very excited," reports Associate Conductor Ron Spigelman. "It's music in its purest form, in a sense. It's also beautiful, so beautifully crafted. It's a joy to be involved in that experience. I often find musicians are grateful for the opportunity to play Haydn."

Become part of the excitement at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, when the series begins in the Mary Seaton Room of Kleinhans Music Hall. Hear Symphony No. 99 in E flat, Symphony No. 95 in C minor, Symphony No. 97 in C, and, just for good measure, the Sinfonia Concertante in B flat. Spigelman conducts the concert, which is part of the BPO's "Intimate Portraits" series.

Parking is free. Admission is $20. Bargain alert: For $45, you can get tickets to the entire Haydn series, which continues Feb. 13 and April 17. For information, call 885-5000.