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1. Who wrote "The Egg and I"?

2. Henry Wallace was Vice President of the United States in President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first, second, third or fourth term?

3. Within 15 pounds, what was the weight difference between Joe Louis and Billy Conn when they first fought for the heavyweight boxing championship?

4. Was the 48th state admitted to the Union Alaska or Arizona?

5. Why is the Black Sea dark or black?

6. Is the sponge an animal or vegetable?

7. What is an "epergne"?

8. Is the komodo the largest or smallest lizard?

9. What was Mrs. Herbert Hoover's first name?

10. An actress originally named Cathleen Collins uses what name currently?

11. What are the two branches of the national legislature?

12. Identify the "Tar Heel State."

13. St. Patrick's Cathedral and the cathedral of Notre Dame are built in what style?

1. Betty MacDonald.

2. Fourth term.

3. Louis weighed in at 199 1/2 pounds and Conn at 174 pounds when the two met in the ring on June 18, 1941. Louis won by a 13th-round knockout against one of his toughest competitors.

4. Arizona, in 1912.

5. Because of a high concentration of hydrogen sulphide.

6. It is a water animal.

7. An ornamental dish or stand that has several compartments for foods or decorations such as flowers. It is often used as a table centerpiece.

8. Largest.

9. Lou.

10. Bo Derek.

11. Senate and House of Representatives.

12. North Carolina, also known as the "Old North State."

13. Gothic.