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Everywhere you look lately, someone needs "funding." As a working person who has bills to pay, sometimes I think that I need funding, too. But I have no place to get that free money from. Some neighborhoods, including the Broadway-Fillmore area, are filled with giveaway centers. People can get lunch, clothes, turkeys and presents in any number of places, which is my complaint.

To be cost-effective to taxpayers, some of these services need to be centralized and not duplicated. The poor can get a couple of turkeys at Thanksgiving time, while I need to wait for my paycheck to get just one turkey and the trimmings.

I witnessed a Christmas gift handout last year, and those presents certainly did not seem to be going only to the "poor." I watched as SUVs and new vehicles pulled up, filled with people ready for the giveaway, racing to find the giveaway center because they had never been in the neighborhood before. Many of these people did not appear to be "poor." We need to stop these giveaways at every corner and establish one site that we can afford. Maybe then funding would be easier to accomplish.

Barb Brader