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1. After what war did the Philippines gain independence from the United States?

2. Who wrote the poem "Paul Revere's Ride"?

3. What is the capital of North Dakota?

4. There are 16 clubs in the National Baseball League and how many in the American League?

5. Hugh Hefner worked for what magazine before he started "Playboy"?

6. What is the state bird of Arkansas?

7. On Jack Benny's programs, who was his violin teacher?

8. Dentists are required to have at least how many years of college training?

9. Henry Cabot Lodge was the vice presidential running mate of what presidential nominee and in what year?

10. On what continent was the ancient city-state of Carthage?

11. On radio, Nick Carter was a master detective. What was Chick Carter?

12. Who was Orion in Roman mythology?

1. World War II. Independence came in 1946, the year after the end of the war.

2. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

3. Bismarck.

4. Fourteen.

5. "Esquire."

6. Mockingbird.

7. Prof. Le Blanc, played by Mel Blanc.

8. Six years.

9. Richard M. Nixon, on the 1960 Republican ticket. It was the first time Nixon ran for the presidency.

10. Africa. It was near the site of Tunis in the current nation of Tunisia.

11. A boy detective.

12. A hunter loved by Diana but accidentally killed. He was placed in the heavens by Diana as a constellation.