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Daniel V. Connery and April L. Pauldine.

Leon Crosby and Tara R. Crenshaw.

John K. Cullinan and Brenda L. Jaus.

Daniel J. Daigler and Patricia A. Kulinski.

Keith R. Drabik and Sherry C. Szczepanski.

David P. Dys and Jennifer L. McCarthy.

Robert J. Eich and Tara M. Quinn.

Lance F. Elowski and Mary M. Adney.

Edward J. Flammer II and Allison P. Gioia.

Cedrick T. Hardy and Elizabeth A. Williams.

Shamon R. Harrell and Sarah M. Palmer.

Dion J. Jackson and Talisha C. Samuel.

Kevin M. Jerge and Dawn M. Murray.

Ray Dayman Jones and Marilyn McMillian.

Matthew S. Kramer and Lori E. Lehman.

Paul E. Lang and Dawn M. Connolly.

Allan Leatherbarrow and Ellen C. Myers.

Michael G. LiVecchi and Carla M. Ayers.

Christopher J. Malachowski and Maribeth L. Neil.

Steven Marchione and Jillian Giampaolo.

Frank L. Marks III and Stacey Marie Orth.

Joseph P. McMahon Jr. and Christina C. Tobin.

William C. Meredith and Jennifer A. Witek.

Derrick Moody and Helena R. Thompson.

Michael J. Norris and Patricia A. Miller.

Edwin A. Ortiz and Christina N. Croskery.

Omer Nail Ozturk and Gennifer A. Young.

David A. Partridge and Karen E. Bogumil.

Michael Scott Peters and Elizabeth Raines Costello.

Carl Phillips and Angela R. Adams.

Ryan O. Plesh and Julie M. Schroeder.

Carmen C. Polito and Deanna C. Deperto.

David J. Potter and Rosalia LaGambina.

Christopher A. Robinson and Kelly L. Wells.

Daniel T. Roeder and Elizabeth A. Cooley.

Matthew J. Ruddy and Theresa M. Wendel.

Steven C. Schneckenberger and Vicki M. Harter.

Jerod J. Sikorskyj and Sarah Elizabeth Signorino.

Adam J. Spengler and Stacey M. Guglielmi.

Anthony J. Szymkowiak II and Maggie J. Long.

Ivan A. Thompson and Veronica Thomas.

Gregory J. Turkovich and Carrie A. Montante.

Elijah Turley and Talisha N. Lewis.

Edwin Velez and Mildred Rivera.

Christopher R. Viney and Kellie C. Bowden.

Jack N. Wahlenmayer and Sharon Whitaker.

Sherman W. Washington and Helen E. Brown.

Arnold D. Wiggins Jr. and Nellie W. Njeri.

Jerome A. Williams II and Jennifer E. Rice.

Clyde J. Wofford and Rhonda Y. Brazil.

Leslie J. Wolowitz and Laurie A. Ehrenhalt.

Christopher W. Zachary and Kristen N. Taylor.

Thomas G. Zak and Melinda M. Jones.

Matthew Surowiec, Tonawanda, and Danielle Wardak, Tonawanda.

John Rodriguez, Town of Tonawanda, and Phoebe Allenbach, Town of Tonawanda.

Michael J. DeGeorge, Buffalo, and Carrie Walsh, Buffalo.

Erik Brian Ibbett, Town of Tonawanda, and Cristina Maria Marano, Kenmore.

Richard Joseph Gruber, Town of Tonawanda, and Pamela Marie Crimmen, Amherst.

Douglas Dodge, Niagara Falls, and Angela Niro, Niagara Falls.

Nicholas Calabretta, Kenmore, and Lisa Meyers, Town of Tonawanda.

Christopher Duggan, Buffalo, and Tami Grieble, Buffalo.

Bruce Banyon Hhopcus, Kenmore, and Donna Marie Greico, Kenmore.

William Frazier, Kenmore, and Kimberly Thines, Kenmore.

Kevin W. Watters, Town of Tonawanda, and Nicol M. Strauch, Town of Tonawanda.

Gary M. Stanton, North Tonawanda, and Linda M. Smith, Kenmore.

Daniel P. Herberger, Town of Tonawanda, and Kathleen M. Cudeck, Town of Tonawanda.

Jason P. Welborn, Buffalo, and Kimberly A. Bauerlein, Buffalo.


Geoffrey S. Freeland, Cheektowaga, and Linde B. Weaver, Cheektowaga.

Blaine J. Mock, Madison, Ohio, and Justine M. Buziak, Cheektowaga.

Dirk Zoerner, Depew, and Mariya Polivoda, Depew.

Philip D. Burton, Cheektowaga, and Jennifer M. Mantione, Cheektowaga.

Richard J. Olear, Anaheim, Calif., and Felylou P.Z. Tampac, Anaheim, Calif.

Ysidro A. Evangelista, Depew, and Heather Swiatek, Depew.

David R. Manuszewski, Cheektowaga, and Amy Beth Fredricks, Cheektowaga.

David L. Fritsch, Cheektowaga, and Marcia L. Harding, Cheektowaga.

Michael A. Pastwik, Cheektowaga, and Beth A. Sprandel, Cheektowaga.

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