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Why is a stolen pumpkin important? And who is Steven? Steven is my grandson, a 10-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. He can't talk, walk, sit up or use his hands. But he smiles all the time and brings happiness to all who know him.

Before Halloween, he was taken on a trip to the pumpkin farm and allowed to pick out his own pumpkin. He chose a 47-pounder at a cost of $15. At home, it was carved into a jack-o'-lantern, much to Steven's glee. He laughed with excitement until it was done and placed on his front porch. If he could speak, he would have said, "Everyone look at my pumpkin!"

It remained there for only one day before someone stole it. I hope the people who stole Steven's pumpkin read this. They took away a small boy's joy, and I hope they think twice before they do something like this again.

Lucille DeMarco

West Seneca

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