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Joel Giambra, our illustrious county executive, is looking on the short side of the ramifications of a property or sales tax increase. The impact of raising just the sales tax alone would be devastating to the county. How many people would travel to nearby counties to purchase clothing, food, appliances and gas? I know I would.

If Giambra decides to increase property taxes, how many young families, retired people and lower-income people will have to move out of this expensive county because it is too costly to live here. New York State is already among the highest-taxed states, we cannot afford any more. Look at what happens to one dollar after all the taxes are paid out, it is worth about 29 cents. Every time we spend money in Erie County or New York State, we are taxed! I'm mad as hell that our legislators are taking so much of my hard-earned money, cutting services, spending wastefully and planning unrealistically.

Giambra needs to clean the fat out of county government and make it a lean, mean working machine. He must cut unnecessary personnel, consolidate departments and look at his own spending. He shouldn't put his mistakes on the backs of taxpayers. We can't afford any more taxes. What we need is new industry, more job opportunities and trade schools to train for better jobs.

Garrott Gallman