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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending October 22.


Vacant land, Broadway, Irma Lewis, Irma Raynor to Walter Schmidt, $115,000.

Vacant land, Broadway, Alden State Bank to Craig Downing, Beth Downing, $86,000.

Vacant land, North Road, Lafarge North America, Lafarge Corp. to Daniel Pautler, $80,000.

12081 Walden Ave., Paul Wagner to Kevin Sutter, Doreen Sutter, $12,000.

12859 Genesee St., Joseph Della Penta, Mary Della Penta to Roy Schrodt, $165,000.

11649 Genesee St., Richard Spicola to Tracy Koschuk, $20,000.


Union Common, S&G Real Properties to Jean Szymanski, $130,645.

45 Pennington Court, Forbes Homes to Phillip Rapini, Bridget Sullivan-Rapini, $512,700.

58 Bernhardt Drive, Alfred Heinen, Judith Heinen to Lisa Burke, $148,410.

45 Pennington Court, Rockingham Estates to Forbes Homes, $85,000.

31 Georgian Lane, Unit 3, Edward Robinson to Esther Trachtman, $113,000.

36 Forest Glen, Gregory Sambuchi, Kimberly Sambuchi to Edward Robinson, Marla Seller, $290,000.

106 Hilton Blvd., Arcangelo Petricca, Margaret Seaman to Ronald Featherstone, Frances Featherstone, $75,000.

109 Colony Court, Mary Meyers to Douglas Torre, Karen Torre, $200,000.

19 University Court, Christopher Wood, Lynne Wood to Robert Connell, $130,000.

45 Halwill Drive, Mary Fridman, Nathaniel Fridman to Christopher Hall, $119,900.

187 Berkley Road, HUD to Keith Trimmer, $64,000.

164 Newvastle, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Anil Tripathy, Sabitri Tripathy, $321,000.

24 Coolbrook Court, Florence Sinicki to Marni Rodman, $58,000.

27 Woodpointe Run, Clara M. Silkman Living Trust to Kathryn Bradley, $135,500.

110 Cornell Ave., Gene Welborn, Suzanne Welborn to Curtis Grant, $87,000.

90 Mahogany Drive, Eugene Malinowski to William Parrish, Joanna Parrish, $143,600.

62 Sweetwood Drive, Charles Wallin, Lorraine Wallin to Jeanne Abou-Antoun, $122,500.

95 South Drive, Linda Grabner-Coronel, Serafin Coronel-Molina to Gregory Yogurtian, $114,500.

320 Bramblewood Lane, Margaret Putnam to Michael Domagala, Patricia Domagala, $158,000.

132 Autumn Creek Court, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Brian Mangan, Amy Mangan, $245,261.

20 Thomas Jefferson, Kara Marong to Jennifer Wall, $84,000.

685 Tonawanda Creek Road, Tabernacle Kenmore New Covenant, Tabernacle of Kenmore New Covenant to Paul Reid, Sheri Reid, $21,000.

1887 Eggert Road, Arno Tapani, Susan Tapani to George Battaglia, Marcie Battaglia, $127,500.

21 French Oaks Lane, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Susan McClary, $203,278.

135 Culpepper Road, Charles Bridenbaker to Bradley Hamilton, Shirley Keenan, $147,000.

45 Breezewood Ave., Carol Kent, Carol Gesl to Mary Gall, $163,000.

122 Presidio Place, Frank Godson, Frank Godson to Joseph Carlo, Roslyn Carlo, $164,900.

160 Springville Ave., Gayle Koscelski, Gayle Churchill to Christopher Kim, $69,000.

106 Autumnwood Road, John Wiles, Susan Wiles to Christopher Lubelski, $180,500.

355 Orbit Drive, John Trigilio, Elizabeth Ciambrone to Robert Johnson, $240,000.

4391 Bailey Ave., Kathee Hoffman to HUD, $72,092.

65 Thamesford Lane, Dean Samuels, Linda Boyer-Samuels to Alan Condo, Nancy Condo, $230,000.

59 Wellington Court, W. Duffy, Jean Duffy to Mary Rath, $252,000.

42 Julianna Court, Peter Crage, Teresa Crage to David Perry, Becki Perry, $380,500.

103 Saratoga Road, Patricia M. Colvard Trust to Robert Gonzalez, Faith Gonzalez, $175,000.

36 Huntington Court, Robert Makin, Beth Makin to David Lee, Kara Lee, $200,000.

118 Hendricks Blvd., Mary Caudle to Charles Pace, $126,500.

5928 Sheridan Drive, Daniel Brem to Daniel Zotara, Alana Zotara, $86,000.

115 Harding Road, Martha Carlon to Thomas Reese, Jean Reese, $73,900.

680 Klein Road, Jerome Scherzinger, Mary Scherzinger to Peter Zimmerman, Angela Zimmerman, $157,000.

583 Emerson Drive, M. Masters, M. Masters to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $59,292.

25 Patton Place, Nallan Suresh, Nallan Suresh to Joseph Kohut, Lynne Kohut, $185,000.

57 Beresford Court, Forbes Homes to Nallan Suresh, Radhika Suresh, $391,550.

82 Haverford Lane, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to William Krone, Martha Krone, $295,348.

115 Golden Pheasant Drive, Louis Kozlowski, Virginia Kozlowski to Antoinette Scioli, $314,000.


Vacant land, Glenridge Road, Hazel Wilson, Hamline Wilson to David Schneider, Malinda Schneider, $26,000.

800 Main St., Stephanie Shapiro, Stephanie Christopher to George Creary, Alexandra Creary, $95,000.

147 King St., James Robinson, Ann Robinson to Prudential Residential Services Limited, $130,000.

147 King St., Prudential Residential Services Limited to Joseph Saviola, Erin Saviola, $130,000.

19 Adamwood, Patricia Boland, Lawrence Reed to Jennifer Mallory, Erik Drueschler, $100,000.

85 Stewart Court, Creekside Development to Essex Homes of WNY, $75,000.

757 Warren, Lawrence Schnitzer, Lynn Brunner to Brian Mariniello, $122,000.


7171 Parkside Drive, Louis Aronica, Frances Aronica to Thomas Rosenhahn, Linda Rosenhahn, $132,500.


10495 Erie Road, Clara Ryan to Carole Hageman, $45,000.


Vacant land, 69 Leroy, City of Buffalo to Greater Buffalo Savings Bank, $22,700.

21 Ripley, Mark Welch, Mary Welch to Equity Trust Co., Meyer Sadigursky Ira, $13,000.

72 Gelston, Mark Welch, Mary Welch to Equity Trust Co., Meyer Sadigursky Ira, $11,500.

132 Herkimer, Mark Welch, Mary Welch to Equity Trust Co., Meyer Sadigursky Ira, $10,000.

691 West, Mark Welch, Mary Welch to Equity Trust Co., Meyer Sadigursky Ira, $11,500.

48 Horton Place, Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, Indymac Inc., $41,329.

62 Connelly Place, Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, $40,000.

929 Lafayette, Robert Palano, Robert Palano to Indymac Bank Fsb, Indymack Inc., $38,500.

289 Rother, Iverson Investments to Kevin Abbatessa, $15,000.

58 Loepere, Iverson Investments to Ranjit Dhillon, Harbans Dhillon, $9,600.

126 Rees St., Nathan Kuppel to Wachovia Bank of Delaware National Association, $27,483.

126 Rees St., Wachovia Bank of Delaware National Association, First Union Natinal Bank of Delaware to Peter Kasnicki, $10,000.

444 Winslow, Fairfax Management Co. to Yousef Tarrah, $14,200.

176 Melrose St., Edward Byrne, Mary Byrne to Midfirst Bank, $67,132.

32 Ninetenth St., Antonio Ramos, Adela Ramos to US Bank National Association, Credit Based Asset Servicing & Securitization, $49,808.

73 Harriett St., Bank of New York to Lillian Kuczka, $17,850.

23 Tremont Ave., HUD to Calogero Campanella, $12,055.

97 Theodore, Derek Clemons to Cynthia Mayfield, $42,400.

157 Courtland Ave., Greenfield Associates to Eva Ludescher, $15,000.

500 Best St., Random Properties Acquisition Corp. to Eva Ludescher, $12,525.

248 Roslyn St., Paul Horne, Sabrina Horne to St. Mary of The Angels Convent of Perpetual, $40,500.

67 Olcott, Marian Miller to Kevin Miller, $64,000.

280 Rievermist Drive, Anthony Martino, Mary Martino to Grogan Family Trust, $499,000.

3331 Bailey Ave., Warren Wong, Geelin Wong to Tuan Nguyen, $65,000.

426 Bird Ave., Joan Burns, Joan Doraski to Theresa Petito, $46,500.

96 Regent, Cheryl Mertowski, Cheryl Czyrny to Denise Siuda, $56,900.

233 East St., Paul Wilhelm to Edward Acosta, Renee Acosta, $10,000.

100 Gittere St., James Clark to Kathleen Cory, $8,301.

41 Rickert Ave., Kamal Dhokal to Ray Daugherty, $14,404.

100 Carmel Road, Kimberly Wechter to Elaine Fontanez, $94,000.

125 Hollywood Ave., Robert Jendrysek, Constance Jendrysek to Donald Sauer, $61,900.

92 Wex Ave., Caroline Finger to George Mowers, Tammy Mowers, $5,000.

42 Rounds, Gary Ciurczak to Angelina Luchey, $39,000.

77 Dodge, Edward Woods to Meghan Ryder, $11,000.

520 Spruce St., Thomas Fron, Mary Baldi-Fron to Anthony Perna, $79,500.

53 North Ogden St., Cassie Mustarelli to Otto Misso, $32,000.

199 Roslyn St., Ebony Gibson to MKHG Real Estate Investment Group, $23,500.

59 Admiral, Jacqueline Platt to William Klepfer, Marcia Klepfer, $79,000.

Harriett St., Darlene Kirksey to Bank of New York, $62,417.

145 Trowbridge St., Lawrence Connelly to Robert Logal, Jacqueline Logal, $24,500.

91 North Park, Christopher Lubelski to Kristin Sims, $133,917.

83 Emslie St., Paul Martin to Daniel Lipp, Danielle Lipp, $20,000.

39 Larchmont Road, Florence Muscarella to Gretchen Butt, $122,500.

200 Shirley Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Suriel Development, $20,000.

6 Traymore, Charles Pace to Michael Neumann, $99,000.

123 Park St., Richard Stephens to Daniel Gray, Leila Gray, $290,000.

231 S. Ogden, Kenneth Zak, Judith Pastwick to Michael Lundeen, $75,000.

538 Plymouth Ave., Hilton Virgil, Virgil Hilton to Joseph Craven, Maxine Shegog, $34,000.

194 Babcock St., Michael Parker to Greenfield Associates, $13,500.

2080 Seneca St., Francis Warthling to Anthony Basile, $55,000.

130 Jones St., Natalie Kuwik to M.J. Jones Street Corp., $6,000.

130 Bidwell Parkway, Randy Epstein to Michelle Carr, $165,000.

172 Bird St., Frank Oddo to Earl Cantwell, $34,500.

249 Brunswick Blvd., Angeline Allen to Ora Arnold, $45,000.

547 Richmond Ave., New Hope Baptist Church to Randy Bissell, $135,000.

110 Wyoming Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Velma James, $10,000.

326 Mystic Ave., Renee Wantuck, Renee Bochenski to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $40,251.

386 Hinman Ave., Michael Miranda, Joan Miranda to Patricia Coley, $71,500.

40 Princeton Place, Jeffrey Riter, Laura Riter to Timothy Scherer, $30,000.

191 Stockbridge Ave., HUD to Aparte Equity Resources, $12,501.

115 Roberts Ave., Anthony Krupski to Joseph Galone, $49,500.

131 Kail, Daniel Starr, Betty Starr to Daniel Morelli, Mariette Morelli, $34,900.

53 Domedion Ave., Timothy Ostolski, Lucy Ostolski to Kyrrha Bell, Etsuko Bell, $35,900.

397 Newburgh Ave., Zdzislaw Goralski, Mary Goralski to Prisca Baity, $62,500.

767 St. Lawrence, Dumazile Ushe to Shereva Dennis, Corey Wiseman, $72,900.

1769 Bailey Ave., James Clark to Juliette Rossiter, Todd Frankland, $15,100.

114 Millicent Ave., Mattie Werzberger to Chaim Mor, $44,000.

114 Laird Ave., Charles Miller, Barbara Miller to Lisa Tardi, $64,000.

91 Eller, Henry Pawlaczyk, Genevieve Pawlaczyk to Kyrrha Bell, Etsuko Bell, $25,000.

21 Midvale, Thomas Barkley, Eula Barkley to Ruby Shaw, $61,480.

137 Edison, Mattie Werzberger to Chaim Mor, $44,000.

515 Linwood Ave., Carl Kelley, Mildred Kelley to Diana Carollo, $131,500.

45 Unger Ave., George Perenc, Denice Perenc to Matthew Rusaw, Dawn Rusaw, $58,300.

33 Carl St., Joseph Easley to HUD, $33,805.

141 W. Winspear Ave., Thaddeus Wieczorek to John McLellan, $70,450.

420 Jersey St., Joseph Larocca to Anthony Trusso, $330,000.

560 Main St., FFG Property Holding Corp. to First States Investors 5200, $8,233,868.

14 Celtic Place, Michael Haggins to Provident Bank, $28,697.

108 Sanders Road, Leo Sullivan, Dorothy Sullivan to Claude Wright, $60,000.

125 Fenton St., Joseph Blachowski to Charles Tirone, $60,000.

443 South Ogden St., Boguslaw Mlodozeniec to Matthew Marcucci, $80,000.

580 Walden Ave., Laton Warren, Willette Harris to True Praise & Worship, $70,000.

1658 Amherst St., Frank Colosimo, Camille Colosimo to Paulette Ross, $167,000.

361 Cambridge, Robert Gibson, Eleanor Gibson to Bruce Naylor, $50,000.

201 Lisbon, Ronald Rizzo, Thomas Winkler to Brian Kupchik, Joseph Cheng, $71,400.

59 Maple St., Anthony Prendergast to Anelise Minter, $6,500.

129 Monticello, Jermaine Munn to Phalanx Properties, $9,000.

1358 Broadway, Ali Alhamidi to Ahmed Hassan, $20,000.

192 Esser Ave., HUD to Wayne Felle, $22,000.

195 Grant St., Vito Gramarossa, Vito Gramorossa to Kathleen Kinan, $40,000.

372 Herman, Clark Reed, Gerald Goodwin to MSW Investments, $6,000.

398 Warwick Ave., Otis Hudson, Yvonne Hudson to Theodis Fields, $21,000.

415 Woodbridge Ave., Karen Fernandes to James Gendron, Theresa Gendron, $256,000.

455-457 Parkside Ave., Michael Armbruster to Christopher Jacobs, Julie Kruger, $158,000.

183 Breckenridge St., Marian Johns to Midfirst Bank, $27,399.

123 Huntley Road, Jerolene Tarry to Kristin Smilanich, Mark Daniels, $77,400.

159 Columbus Ave., Dawn Lloyd, Dawn Kowalczyk to Joseph Bortz, Karen Bortz, $78,500.

26 Matejko, Jeffrey Shaw to Citibank Na, $50,500.

50 Jones St., Colleen Sardella to Equity Trust Co., Deann Zukowski, $14,000.

112 Wesley Ave., James Gendron, Theresa Gendron to Michelle Mierzwa, $150,000.

609 St. Lawrence Ave., William Parrish, Joanna Parrish to Karen Fernandes, $82,000.

312 Esser Ave., Jenny Wright to Todd Beaver, $53,350.

95 Mohr St., Richard Kowalski to Robert Young, $5,000.

26 Matejko St., Citibank Na Series 2001-I to Mary Walgate, $18,000.

219 Ashland, David Whittemore, Kirsten Whittemore to Jason Bridge, Stephanie Schillaci, $159,900.

65 Harvest Ave., Suzanne Gannon, Suzanne Meaney to Matthew Hellerer, $110,000.

81 Greenfield St., William Nello to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, 2003-4 Asset-Backed Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, $38,250.

83 Greenfield St., Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, 2003-4 Asset Bakced Option One Mortgage Loan Trust to Don & Bonnie Mae Barnard Family Trust, $43,250.

65 Dash St., Robert Luka to David Luka, $60,000.

153 Normal Ave., Philip Goldman to Mark Grover, $17,760.


6480 Transit Road, Jerome Izydorczak, Linda Izydorczak to New York Lube Number 3, $800,000.

6480 Transit Road, New York Lube Number 3 to Genie Debs Revocable Trust, $1,250,000.

186 Wallace Ave., Alan Pajak to Rosemary Vaughn, $82,000.

16 Sprucewood Drive, Sheila Radke, Shelia Radke to Abraham Gombert, Nadya Chomiak, $106,000.

167 Autumn Lea Drive, Arlene Krzykowski, Paul Gately to Kevin Marks, $49,478.

18 Celina St., Thomas Sionkiewicz, Marsha Isaacs to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $48,472.

276 Mapleview, Dolores Rosehart, Joseph Rosehart to Elisia Hanover, $88,000.

196 Straley Ave., Gerald Birke, Judith Birke to Veronica Smith, $75,000.

35 Manlon Terrace, Daniel McMillen, Jennifer McMillen to Terri Nowinski, $112,500.

122 Haller Ave., Gerald Harlach, Maria Harlach to Philip Friot, $61,200.

15 Westland Parkway, Gary Kozak, Darlene Kozak to Rosemary Speed, $114,900.

211 Evergreen Place, A. Massaro, Russell Massaro to Alexander Miller, $51,500.

439 Dick Road, Lorraine Horn, Donald Horn to John Malark, $89,690.

20 Rogus Drive, Cynthia Pughakoff, Cynthia Pughakoff to Wm. Specialty Mortgage, $90,000.

190 Heather Road, Dennis Brady to Julie Walsh, $65,000.

7 Fairway Lane, James Green, Judith Laughlin to Anita Hokanson, $198,000.

151 McNaughton Ave., Brian Piekarski to Janice Gennocro, $88,000.

25 Freemont Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Christopher Mazuchowski, $104,000.

167 Princeton Court, Matthew Johnson to Anne Rainwater, $55,000.

42 N. Seine, Maryanne Kroll, Maryanne Caldarelli to Daniel Battaglia, Kathleen Battaglia, $112,000.

91 Basswood Drive, Beverly Dudas to Gerald Birke, Judith Birke, $125,000.

236 Beale Ave., Linda Liberta to Evelyn Simon, $77,000.

73 Abeles Ave., Ronald Kaminski to William Link, Lisa Leo-Link, $80,000.

67 Kendale Road, Keith Williams, Connie Williams to Charles Friedman, Marissa Friedman, $79,900.

3214 Genesee St., George Della Penta to Kevin Miller, Lori Miller, $175,000.

32 Greenway, Beth Gavazzi, Beth Mahoney to Jesse Kozak, $131,000.

79 Beale Ave., Dennis Costanzo to Christopher White, $52,500.

279 East Treehaven Road, Michelle Cummings to US Bank Na, Series 2002-NC1 ABFC Asset-Backed Certificates, $79,770.

154 Fontaine Drive, Margaret Robertson to Anthony Hazzan, Lisa Pasquarella, $46,500.

611R French Road, Florence Krantz, Keybank National Association to Hibernia National Bank, $41,102.

59 Westbrook Drive, Leonard Marchewka, Arlene Marchewka to Laurie Komrek, $63,000.

32 Bissell Ave., James Brewster to HUD, $84,500.

81 Peinkofer Drive, Abn Amro Mortgage Group to Joseph Defilippis, $53,000.

4 Mayfair Court, John Abramowski, Joyce Culp to James Knobloch, Melissa Hardman, $65,000.

95 Wabash Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Curtiss Ostrowski, $34,000.

680 Mount Vernon Road, Jane Sommer, Robert Sommer to Lisa Morrison, Daniel Fronckowiak, $69,000.

825-829 Rein Road, Dale Doktor, Janice Doktor to 825 Rein Road Llc, $388,791.

62 Lynncrest Terrace, Anita Hokanson to Andrew Netzel, Cori Netzel, $114,900.

31 Bernice Drive, Anthony Dimuro, Anthony Di Muro to Brian Liska, Cheryl Kawa, $82,500.

1135 Maryvale Drive, Eric Endres to Robert Jennings, $66,500.

45 N. Prince Drive, John Williams, Rita Williams to David Maroshick, Suzanne Maroshick, $130,000.

5500 Transit Road, Northborough Capital Partners to R&J Metal Finishing, $66,000.

42 Carol St., Charles Mason, Geraldine Mason to Annette Jemison, $47,700.

28 Furlong Road, Loretta Ward to Enrique Pereira, $73,034.

17 Donlen Drive, Michele Izzo to Gary Kifner, Michelle Werick, $66,250.

9 Loxley Road, Peter Browne to Daniel Raczka, $60,000.

47 Betty Lou Lane, Sharon Van Gelder, Colleen Insinna to Barry Hoffman, Robyn Hoffman, $75,000.

38 Pinevale Court, Pamela Fichtner to Donna Lebere, $84,000.

171 Ludwig Ave., Genevieve Juszynski, Bernard Juszynski to Kelly Wojdan, $70,000.

64 Rossiter Ave., James Gaczewski, Dawn Gaczewski to Scott Wagner, Lisa Burke, $91,000.


Vacant land, Woodruff Drive, Spaulding Green to Greenbridge Homes Ltd., $55,000.

6157 Highgrove Park, Christopher Minnich to Exult Relocation Services, $290,000.

6157 Highgrove Park, Exult Relocation Services to David Searns, Victoria Kenward, $290,000.

5655 Newhouse Road, Cindy Culverwell to Daniel Snyder, $500,000.

8357 Sheridan Drive, Alexander Sohonyay, Brenda Sohonyay to Nicholas Valvo, $131,300.

10100 County Road, Terrance Andress to Barry Small, Scott Roetzer, $215,000.

4125 Connection Drive, Linda Thompson, Linda Thompson to Molly Herud, $109,500.

9225 Hunting Valley, Carole Kashin to John Wagner, Robin Wagner, $285,000.

6016 Wellesley Common, David Searns, Victoria Kenward to Carole Kashin, $245,000.

5603 Marthas Vineyard, Shamrock Development Group to Sharon Jennings, William Jennings, $84,900.

Shimerville Road, Gregory Ribbeck to Richard Worling, $38,500.


8817 Heath Road, Geraldine Kulesz, Geraldine Kulesz to Matthew Darnley, $82,400.


8797 State Road, Donald Scott to Lorraine Czyrny, $17,000.

2101 Harrison Ave., James Wentland to Barbara Labreck, $80,000.

12057 Gowanda State Road, Anthony Osterstuck to Barbara Gokey, $55,250.


Vacant land, Townsend Road, Dorothy King, Ronald King to Michael Cieslica, Cherie Cieslica, $35,850.

8588 Abbott Hill Road, First Capital Associates Corp. to Christopher Ferry, $86,200.


8566 East Eden Road, Salvatore Parlato to Diane Lyons, $240,000.

8765 Violet Parkway, Judith Kramer to Glen Spielmans, Kara Spielmans, $176,000.

3175 Cherry Lane, Joel Karlin to Nicholas Karnavas, Georgia Karnavas, $225,000.

8442 North Main St., Lydia Nosbisch to Ronald Walczyk, $95,000.

8961 Carriage Crossing, Daniel Dengler, Colleen Dengler to William Dickinson, $66,000.


Vacant land, Clinton Street, Patricia Curran to Norman Krygier, Virginia Krygier, $35,000.

Vacant land, Girdle Road, Jerrys Place Lp to Carolyn Hoch, Jeffrey Powell, $67,500.


8996 Erie Road, Edward Carbeck, Norma Carbeck to SKG Properties, $163,000.

8238 Hillside, Charles Harter, Gloria Harter to Patrick King, Sherry King, $210,000.

9156 Newcomb Road, James Sickau to Kevin Toepfer, $47,500.


Vacant land, Park Place, Smith Ventures Lp to Town of Grand Island, $35,000.

Vacant land, Park Place, Smith Ventures Lp to Town of Grand Island, $35,000.

1941 Fix Road, Sandra Caffery to James Smith, Pamela Smith, $163,000.

40 Riverdale Drive, John Williams to Mark Weis, $94,500.

285 White Oak Lane, CT Enterprises to Edward Watts, Lydia Watts, $193,000.

1667 Bush Road, Thomas Hunt, Kelli Hunt to Kelli Hunt, $10,500.

1593 Broadway, Joan Weeman to Adam Kurtzhalts, Kari Fernandez, $63,600.

3098 Baseline Road, Joseph Osinski, Margaret Osinski to Joseph Boos, Christie Boos, $125,000.

1108 Lasalle Ave., Joseph Boos, Christie Boos to Anne Barker, $85,000.

1218 Baseline Road, HUD to Tammy Zulawski, $74,514.

7 Jenell, Paul Goldfuss to Robert Vickner, Robin Vickner, $78,000.

1782 Huth Road, Michael Deloreto to David Martino, Christine Martino, $100,000.

190 Sandiper Lane, Ransom Road Associates to Residential Construction Services, $33,900.

295 White Oak Lane, CT Enterprises to Agron Elmazi, Suzan Elmazi, $149,900.


Lot 3, Lakeview Road, George M. Jones Trust to Leo Schifano, Antonella Schifano, $18,000.

5285 South Park Ave., William Zacher to JLZ Realty, $1,974,200.

Unit L-1, Psng Real Properties Llc to John Golden, Anne Golden, $128,125.

2747 Christopher Blvd., NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York to Debra Hernik, Martin Hernik, $206,313.

3654 Howard Road, Thomas Merlette to Thomas Merlette, $150,000.

3701 Dogwood Lane, Lois Graczyk to Jennifer Yetman, Jenifer Yetman, $127,500.

2178 Woodsfield Drive, David Muka, Valerie Muka to Robert Bliss, Judene Bliss, $143,000.

5196 Stranton Road, Stephen Lakatos, Margaret Lakatos to Michael Pinelli, $115,500.

4551 Salisbury Place, Philip Suffoletto, Patricia Suffoletto to William Stone, $104,000.

5918 Pinehurst Drive, Thomas Greenauer to Burke Homes, $38,000.

79 Sawgrass Court, Eugene Jason to Barbara Bonanno, $158,500.

S-4097 Lakeshore Road, Dinkel Enterprises to James Barone, $215,000.

6481 Taylor Road, NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York to Sylvia Gawlak, $186,190.

3412 Old Lakeview Road, Ralph Wahlstrom, Cynthia Syke-Wahlstrom to Melanie Swarner, Mary Minnoe, $140,000.

5044 Electric Ave., Patricia Sterlace to Patrick Bartlebaugh, Karen Bartlebaugh, $124,900.

2322 Winterberry Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Justin Rojek, $185,992.

3714 Fuller Ave., William Gross, Sharon Gross to Raymond Reuther, $57,500.

4809 Mosey Lane, Charles Mosey, Lisa Mosey to Ronald Leiffer, Brenda Leiffer, $178,500.

5950 Hewson Drive, Arnold Woelfel, Susanne Woelfel to Michael Herr, Sheila Herr, $214,000.

3718 Sowles Road, Leonard Zablonski, Carol Zablonski to Thomas Murphy, Donna Murphy, $120,000.

4164 Colonial Place, Beverly Halligan, Beverly Smalt to Tammy Johnson, Rebecca Merewether, $129,000.

2786 Amsdell Road, Kirk Harris, Jan Harris to Lynn Morgan-Hruschak, $124,900.

3863 Princeton St., David Dias to Laura Bognar, $95,500.

3392 Raymond Drive, Michael Graziadei, Mary Graziadei to Joseph Iafallo, $111,000.

3011-89 Cloverbank Road, Eugene Jason to Nancy Bonadonna, $208,000.

156 Martin Ave., Emily Van Voskuilen to Anthony Margerum, $78,000.

6354 Treefoil Court, Forbes Homes to Shawn Walsh, Eileen Kennedy, $196,000.

4155 South Park Ave., Teresa Mclellan, Teresa Parker to Elaine Barbati, Maureen Barbati, $68,000.

4157 Colonial Place, Shirley Cole to Beverly Halligan, $95,000.


403 N. Main St., Paul Bach to Russell Schiefer, Lynn McHugh, $33,000.


20 Jackson, Linda Krasinski to Joseph Jerge, $20,000.

36 Avery Ave., Patrick Hanley, Catherine Hanley to Andrij Szwec, $76,000.

47 Elm St., Sandy Stumpf to Joyce Sobaszek, $33,500.

31 Palm St., Michael Herr to John Miller, Kerri Miller, $87,400.

44 Shamokin Drive, David Picone to Michele Williams, $90,000.

68 Kennedy Drive, Gary Lawrence, Denise Lawrence to Ernesto Leonetti, $100,700.


4885 Transit Road, Jerome Izydorczak, Linda Izydorczak to New York Lube Number 3, $800,000.

4885 Transit Road, New York Lube Number 3 to Genie Debs Revocable Trust, $1,250,000.

9 Valley Overlook Drive, Overlook Estates to Forbes Homes, $65,000.

81 Hawley Ave., Michael Davern, Laurel Davern to James Lobue, Maureen Lobue, $139,000.

5 Fieldstone Lane, David Bobeck, Lauren Bobeck to David Dick, Patricia Dick, $189,500.

65 Old Post Road, Jeffrey Costanzo, Jeffrey Costanzo to Keith Williams, Connie Williams, $213,900.

7 Pinetree Drive, Shera Moulton to Dean Aquino, Brooke Aquino, $234,900.

59 Parkview Court, Bernard Rutkowski, Anne Rutkowski to Raymond Romalewski, Barbara Romalewski, $55,000.

10 Eagle Terrace, Raniero Masecchia to Federal National Mortgage Association, $111,000.

60 Christen Court, John Peresan, Jeanne Peresan to Steven Hayes, Laura Hayes, $143,000.

69 Briarwood Drive, Patrick O'Hara, Carrie O'Hara to Matthew Blackwell, $120,000.

1107 Ransom Road, Robert Eggleston to Donald Richardson, Collette Richardson, $26,000.

56 Cotton St., Judith Bednarz to Sandra Schultz, $60,001.

84 Carter St., Emery Williams, Margaret Williams to Cathleen Zeman, $97,900.

14 Michael Anthony Lane, Brian Karaszewski to Josean Torres, Luissette Bulted, $148,000.

953 & 955 Ransom Road, William Dabb, Thelma Dabb to J. Renkas & Sons, $275,000.

236 Ransom Road, Leota Zuppelli to Cendant Mortgage Corp., $67,716.


1125 Lyndale Lane, Robert Misso, Donna Misso to Joel Kozlowski, Carrie Kozlowski, $191,000.


98 John St., Christian Lavigne, Christian La Vigne to Marlene Mura, $115,000.

10 Exchange St., Howard Tesnow to Mary Jendrowski, Daniel Raquet, $83,000.


40 Stoughton, Forest Creek to Alan Dlugosz, Gina Dlugosz, $323,805.

44 Graystone Lane, Barrington Heights to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of WNY, $129,600.

5248 Armor Duells Road, David Ortz to Scott Innes, $207,000.

21 Peppermill Road, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Daniel McMillen, Jennifer McMillen, $237,592.


10120 Creek Road Route 39, Robert Collins to Jennie Rumfola, $74,549.


17 Loretta St., Michael Coutu, Sarah Coutu to Laurie Galley, $49,440.

388 Morgan St., John Jacob to Stephen Muehlbauer, Kathy Muehlbauer, $74,000.

99 Elm St., Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Anthony Basile, $13,100.

86 Harriet St., Clara Mazzu, Linda Cichocki to Mark Nowak, $69,070.

19 Grove Terrace, Citibank, Citimortgage Inc. to Todd Basile, $14,900.


247 Wardman Road, Kenneth Butkowski to Thomas Latham, Kathleen Latham, $150,000.

295 Dupont Ave., James Bigos, Lynda Bigos to Jason Hart, $68,000.

95 Danbury Lane, Dorothy Emblidge to Brian Calvert, Megan Calvert, $277,000.

303 Traverse Blvd., Bradley Hamilton to Jeffrey Sturmer, Amy Sturmer, $83,000.

100 East Somerset, James Scanlon, Virginia Scanlon to Darryl Brandt, Holly Hamister, $107,000.

64 Claremont, Robert Scheuneman to Dawn Weinbaum, $76,200.

161 Lincoln Blvd., Emerson Parton, Kathleen Parton to Ryan Gallivan, Richard Christopher, $118,500.

295 Woodland Drive, Dorothy Smee, Alex Smee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $85,042.

38 Heritage Road, James Yager, Patricia Yager to Dynamic Interest Group, $52,000.

247 Idlewood Drive, Maria Barsch, Eric Barsch to Vincent Bonelli, Lucia Bonelli, $117,000.

324 Niagara Falls Blvd., James Girard to Clement Girard, $60,000.

101 Brighton Road, Antoine Malouf, Antoinette Malouf to John Allen, Michelle Allen, $96,000.

148 Wabash Ave., Prudence A. Bukowski Family Trust to Rachel Farmer, $90,000.

116 Tremont Ave., Scott Weaver, Wanda Weaver to Jenny Wright, $61,110.

165 Argonne Drive, Susan Barnett, William Barnett to Mary McConnell, $110,000.

727 Parker Blvd., Claire Chodorow to Christopher Giafaglione, $97,875.

121 Mayille Ave., Lorna Hoyes to James Wood, Valerie Wood, $71,000.

122 Lorelee Drive, Grace Lucas, Steve Lucas to Stephen Sokol, $130,000.

231 East Hazeltine, Joseph Neeson, Kristy Neeson to Leah Muscarella, $116,000.

33 Glenside Ave., Patricia Matusiak to Scott Oconnor, $112,000.

45 Harriet St., William Reece, Christina Reece to James Reece, Linda Reece, $40,000.

171 Westfall Drive, James Smith, Pamela Smith to Sara Panfil, $129,000.

558 Moore Ave., Robert Schunk to Steven Wobig, Cathleen Wobig, $125,000.

183 Wrexham Court, Roy Reger, Marion Reger to Kristina Hyman, Keith Erickson, $105,000.

17 Courier Blvd., Jean Rizzo to Timothy Quinn, $65,950.


Vacant land, Cloverleaf, Roberta Lisowski to Par Birdie, $10,000.

2970 Transit Road, Fleet National Bank to First States Investors 5200, $4,557,411.

17 Milton Ave., Frank Davoli, Cherri Davoli to Eric Carlson, Christine Urbanski, $125,000.

23 Mayfield Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Frank Myszka, Cecilia Myszka, $230,054.

1061 Reserve Road, HUD to Ronald Bennett, $52,501.

51 Brantwood Drive, Cornelius Hacker to Robert Byrne, Barbara Byrne, $144,000.

325 Bullis Road, Sheryl Wolins, Sheryl Tingle to Lee Wolins, Sally Wolins, $61,000.

132 Cherokee Drive, Debra McCarthy to Donald Seibert, $50,000.

39 Sherwood Lane, George Batrouny, Agnes Zendano to Timothy Abbott, Tracy Abbott, $159,000.

103 Knox Ave., Lisa Vega-Maeder, Lisa Maeder to Raymond Siminski, Sara Siminski, $81,500.

9 Mayfield Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to William Sanfilippo, Georgiane Sanfilippo, $213,095.

134 Bradwood Road, Gary Isbrandt, Annette Isbrandt to Kevin Sugg, $135,000.

90 Onondaga Ave., Nancy Bizub to Marino Marasciulo, $99,000.

Spruce Creek, Piotrowski Builders to Shawn Daniels, $40,000.

3369 Clinton St., Phyllis Syracuse to Charles Mager, Gary Mack, $8,000.

95 Norwood Drive, John Kohlbacher, Karen Kohlbacher to Robert Miller, Laury Miller, $165,000.

40 Mayfield Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Laura Calabrese, Sharon Calabrese, $185,755.

181 Cloverside Court, Robert Nogowski, Jane Nogowski to Federal National Mortgage Association, $100,263.

1075 East & West Road, Rose Real Estate & Development to Roger Sanders, Sheila Sanders, $133,000.

34 Klink Place, David Leiching to Krista Sacco, $95,000.

32 Gardenville On The Green, Joseph S. Calabrese and Laura S. Calabrese Trust to Patricia Klosko, $159,000.