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Todd P. Devorchik, Sloan, and Julie M. Miller, Sloan.

James L. Putnam Jr., Depew, and Kimberly A. Schwab, Depew.

Thomas T. Wieczorek, Buffalo, and Valerie A. Andrejczuk, Buffalo.

Anthony Collett, Buffalo, and Dana M. Strosky, Buffalo.

Jeffrey E. Kerl, Cheektowaga, and Jackie M. Kowal, Cheektowaga.

Gary J. Dusyn, Signal Hill, Calif., and Carol J. Baumgart, Signal Hill, Calif.

Mike Rosario, Lancaster, and Heather D. Wright, Lancaster.

Thomas J. Vaughan, Cheektowaga, and Carol A. Brush, Cheektowaga.

William D. Rappold, Cheektowaga, and Jill S. Gress, Cheektowaga.

David N. Robinson, North Tonawanda, and Jodie L. Jaroni, E. Amherst.

Joseph A. Agro and Marianne Mariano.

Toma D. Allen and Althenia S. Bailey.

Jamie A. Bauer and Christy R. Folck.

Stanley A. Brinson and Kim V. Wilson.

Daniel James Cave and Stephanie Marie Jagodzinski.

Christopher Matthew Celeste and Bonnie Lynn Harder.

Qi Chen and Jingnong Chen.

Jeffery D. Ciolek and Terri L. Plecha.

John F. Donogher and Aurelia Patricia Ramirez Ceberg.

Aaron W. Drake and Lisa D Briggs.

Lance F. Elowski and Mary M. Adney.

Brandon M. Finnegan and Samantha Witryk.

Charles D. Forness and Nichole M. Polichetti.

Thomas E. George and Margo D. Colbert.

John E. Grace III and Jennifer M. Baker.

Russell Danna Hall and Sharlene A. Von.

Shamon R. Harrell and Sarah M. Palmer.

Shawn Eugene C.J. Johnson and Phya R. Oliver.

Nicholas Burtis Josey and Chiquita M. Hoffman.

Timothy L. Kane and Anna Lisa Prada.

David M. Kausner and Cassandra L. Graves.

Jason B. Kremblas and Tamara N. Clark.

Kenneth R. Kurz and Sandra L. Grabp.

Michael A. McMillon and Latanya M. Scott.

Brendan R. Mehaffy and Michele S. McClintick.

Glenn Montgomery and Patricia T. Oakes.

Raymond W. Nebrich and Denise Staufenberger.

Valiant D. O'Mahony-Gallagher and Sarah K. Gray.

Edwin A. Ortiz and Christina N. Croskery.

David A. Partridge and Karen E. Bogumil.

Carl Phillips and Angela R. Adams.

Samuel Bryant Powers and Kelly Lee Smith.

Matthew J. Ruddy and Theresa M. Wendel.

Angel L. Santiago and Virgenmina Puyarena.

Dale Roy Shepard and Deborah Apollo.

Adam J. Spengler and Stacy M. Guglielmi.

Joseph T. Sweeney and Jennifer L. King.

Ivan A. Thompson and Veronica Thomas.

Robert E. Townsend and Mary E. Begley.

Jack N. Wahlenmayer and Sharon Whitaker.

Lewis J. Wargo Jr. and Annette M. Palumbo.

Daniel E. Whalen and Karen Lyn Brady.

Jerome A. Williams II and Jennifer E. Rice.

Marouf Ahmed and Fairuz Hossain.

Charles C. Banks and Andrea D. White.

Frederick O. Batteau and Tara A. Wardlaw.

Mark L. Bauer and Lyn M. Anton. Roberto Becerril Jr. and Stessa M. Baker.

David W. Bett and Kathy L. Smith.

Manville G. Bidlack Jr. and Patricia R. Ando.

Joseph L. Burton and Andrea B. Peters.

Timothy G. Bush and Karla M. Guzman.

Elvin Camon Jr. and Annette D. Moore.

David Michael Carrow and Stephanie A. Harris.

Qi Chen and Jingnong Chen.

Charles P. Coleman and Tana-Nile R. Kelly.


Kevin M. Lisnerski, Cheektowaga, and Angela M. Pacholczak, Cheektowaga.

Jason R. Bluhm, Cheektowaga, and Jamie L. Buono, Cheektowaga.

Gary A. Benson, Depew, and Kim M. Koenig, Depew.

Shawn M. Darcy, Cheektowaga, and Laurie A. Carney, Cheektowaga.

Jason M. Vargo, Cheektowaga, and Sharon J. Deuschle, Cheektowaga.

John H. Garbo Jr., Blasdell, and Jill M. Johnston, Blasdell.

Joseph R. Halter, Cheektowaga, and Aleksandra Halin, Cheektowaga.

Samuel M. Combs, Minneapolis, and Kristal M. Henel, Snyder.

Wayne W. Crump, Cheektowaga, and Andrea A. Gorney, Cheektowaga.

James E. Vaughn III, Buffalo, and Patricia A. Doherty, Buffalo.

Alexander F. Ray, Buffalo, and Kelly A. Hoegel, Williamsville.

Byron W. Anna, Cheektowaga, and Linda A. Gaskin, Williamsville.

Brian D. Kostelny, Depew, Sandra Zdrojewski, Depew.

Antonio DiNatale, Cheektowaga, and Christina M. Hall, Cheektowaga.

Anthony Duderewicz, Buffalo, and Margaret Crookshanks, Buffalo.

James D. Lewis Jr., Buffalo, and Kerry A. Buckley, Buffalo.

Matthew K. Gersley, Cheektowaga, and Suzanne M. Weber, Cheektowaga.

Ahren T. Ludwig, Angola, and Michelle L. Smardz, Angola.

Balaji N. Reddy, Buffalo, and Sarika Arora, East Amherst.

Daniel D. Kwiatkowski, Cheektowaga, and Janka Szilagyi, Cheektowaga.

John S. Kuszniaj, Cheektowaga, and Tiffany H. Clark, Cheektowaga.

Paul D. Fadale, Cheektowaga, and Maria A. Rolston-Baldi, Cheektowaga.

James T. Brown, Cheektowaga, and Rebekah L. Taylor, Cheektowaga.

Geoffrey A. Taylor, Cheektowaga, and Lisa D. Hackney, Cheektowaga.

Samuel T. Price, Cheektowaga, and Casey L. Armour, Cheektowaga.

Geoffrey S. Hallam, Curtis Bay, MD, and Renee L. Bova, Cheektowaga.

Adam V. Medbury, Cheektowaga, and Michelle M. Long, Cheektowaga.

Raymond Witzleben, Buffalo, and Jeanne M. Diliberto, Buffalo.

Kenneth R. Spruch, Cheektowaga, and Katie A. Rezabek, Cheektowaga.

Gary M. Derenda Jr., Lancaster, and Brandi L. Gordon, Lancaster.

James P. George, Cheektowaga, and Amy D. Petroski, Cheektowaga.


Patrick A. Martin and Rose A. Harvey.

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