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Q: Was this the nastiest presidential campaign in your memory?

I don't think so. I think it has been nasty, though. Perhaps it seems nastier, with all the media, talk radio, TV and especially all the bloggers on the Web 2 4/7 . President Bush is extremely hated by the far-left liberals, and their vitriol is acidic. The Kerry haters are just as vocal, and just as unfair. The 527 groups have really stirred the hatred pot this election, for both sides.

Rick Lange, Farmersville

As nasty as this campaign may appear, other countries must be amazed as our nation peacefully decides who will lead us during the next four years. Seeing the two candidates reach out to shake hands before the debate filled me with pride. Nowhere else in the world do so many people select their leaders in such a peaceful manner. I'll take this kind of "nasty" anytime.

Walter P. Vogel, Depew

Yes, this is the nastiest campaign that I can recall. Both candidates were downing each other, but Sen. John Kerry was the nastiest. He really put President Bush down. I'm disgusted because that is all we hear about on television. I don't even put it on anymore. Other years, we read and heard about it, but 2004 really takes the cake. I'll be glad when it's over.

Eleanor Bastedo, Hamburg

When op-ed columnist David Broder suggests it's not safe to turn on the television until after the presidential election, it is a facetious comment on the nastiness of the presidential campaign. Sometimes it may be necessary to fight fire with fire. Citizens may have to stoop to the level of the spin strategists of both parties. Words fall on those interests' deaf ears. A campaign of public mooning to whomever attempts to use negative and nasty slurs and innuendos could have millions of fast-buck political spenders rear-ended.

David Conners, Eggertsville

Nastiest campaign in my memory? Maybe. Nastiest, most arrogant and deceitful four years of presidency in my lifetime? You betcha.

Suzanne Kocieniewski, Kenmore