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7:30 PM on ESPN

College Football

Florida State is thankful it doesn't have to contend with the right arm of Philip Rivers tonight in this road clash with North Carolina State. Rivers, now with the NFL's Chargers, lit up the Seminoles defense for 422 yards and four touchdowns last year, but FSU still prevailed in two overtimes. This time around, Florida State should take care of business in easier fashion, given their speedy defenders and the emergence of sophomore QB Wyatt Sexton. HDTV765879
8 PM on Channel 2


Donna (guest star Kelly Preston, "Jerry Maguire") isn't sure what to do when her ex-husband wants to get back together, since she has developed feelings for Joey (Matt LeBlanc), in the concluding half of "Joey and the Dream Girl." She hesitates to tell Joey about the situation, but Gina (Drea de Matteo) fills in the blanks. Alex (Andrea Anders) enjoys perks she gets because of her looks. (TV14) HDTV9140

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This ingenious 1988 movie won raves from critics for its skillful marriage of live action and animation. Bob Hoskins has the leading flesh and blood role as a private eye trying to clear a cartoon character of murder. It's the 'toons, however -- Roger Rabbit, his sultry wife, Jessica, and a huge cast of familiar favorites -- from Bugs Bunny and Betty Boop to Donald and Daffy Duck -- who are the real stars of this show. (TVPG) 690985

Pop Rocks!

A man's past comes back to bite him in this 2004 movie starring Gary Cole. Jerry (Cole) is a nice, stable family man with a secret: He used to be the lead singer for a heavy-metal group in the 1980s. Well, his old bandmates are back and they want a reunion performance. Now, Jerry has to hide his old occupation while practicing for a comeback. Sherilyn Fenn and David Jensen co-star. (TVPG) 899633
8 PM on Channel 29

The O.C.

Ryan and Seth (Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody) want things normal with Marissa and Summer (Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson) as they return to school in "The Way They Were." The girls' new love interests jinx the plan. Julie (Melinda Clarke) warns Sandy (Peter Gallagher) she'll take Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) down if Caleb (Alan Dale) is prosecuted. Jimmy (Tate Donovan) proposes to Hailey (guest star Amanda Righetti). (TVPG) HDTV17430, 95148
8:30 PM on Channel 2

Will & Grace

Grace (Debra Messing) gets a garbled message from Leo and believes he wants to reunite with her for their anniversary in Part 1 of "Saving Grace Again." She tries to keep it a secret, but Will (Eric McCormack) finds out, prompting him to take her on a road trip to make her forget Leo. Karen and Jack (Megan Mullally, Sean Hayes) reach a surprising conclusion after arranging dates for each other. (TV14) 8275
9 PM on Channel 7

life as we know it

Ben (Jon Foster) wants to stop living his secret life, just as Jonathan and Dino (Chris Lowell, Sean Faris) find out about it, in "Natural Disasters." A deeper connection with Sue (Jessica Lucas) is a possibility for Ben, but Ms. Young (Marguerite Moreau) is decidedly unhappy about it. Jackie (Missy Peregrym) makes her own connection at an Al-Anon meeting. Samm Levine ("Freaks and Geeks") guest stars. (TV14) HDTV62966
9 PM on Channel 29

North Shore

MJ (Nikki DeLoach) debates whether to tell Chris (Jay Kenneth Johnson) the truth when Clayton (guest star Jason Gedrick) threatens to reveal his and MJ's brief liaison in "Illusions." Alexandra (guest star Shannen Doherty) targets Clayton in a scheme to boost publicity for the hotel. Model and athlete Gabrielle Reece (guest starring as herself) arrives to celebrate her birthday. (TV14) HDTV82324
9 PM on HBO

Last Letters Home

Before they died during Operation Iraqi Freedom, some soldiers sent letters home -- and they didn't arrive until after their families were notified of their fates, making their final missives all the more poignant. This emotional new documentary from award-winning filmmaker Bill Couturie ("Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam") showcases the last words of those fallen military members, read by their loved ones. (TVPG) 814817
10 PM on Channel 2


Ray Liotta ("GoodFellas") makes a rare TV appearance by guest starring as a patient in "Time of Death," an episode done in real time -- with an on-screen visual device that counts the minutes. The man is an alcoholic ex-convict whose supposed stomachache actually is something far more drastic, putting Kovac (Goran Visnjic) and others in the emergency room to the test as they try to save his life. (TV14) HDTV8985, 49463
10 PM on Channel 4

Without a Trace

Hoping to locate a missing woman (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) who was used as a courier by a drug trafficker, Samantha (Poppy Montgomery) adopts an alias in the conclusion of the two-part episode "Nickel and Dimed." She takes a job at the store where the woman worked, exposing the manager's link to another drug dealer -- and sending Samantha even deeper under cover. Mo Gaffney also guest stars. HDTV3053
2 AM on Channel 17

The World War II Memorial: A Testament to Freedom

This special documents the planning and construction of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. All aspects of the memorial are examined, including the design, the stone quarries and the bronze foundries used. Veterans such as Chuck Yeager, Bob Dole, George McGovern and James Arness share their war experiences. (TVPG) 291812