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It angers me that Erie County Executive Joel Giambra is cutting things that are affecting the future of our children. Will he personally nail the "closed" signs to the library doors?

More than half of the circulation of the Erie County Library System is children's books. Children can be transported through time, away from the present day, through story hours. Their creativity is nourished here. Children learn personal responsibility with a library card of their own. And in some cases, libraries are the only places kids go. This is our children's future.

Libraries link people with information and preserve our culture. They are considered a regional resource with their extensive historical collections.

When economic times are bad, the largest numbers of people turn to libraries for help in sending out job applications and searching for jobs. Libraries provide access to information. They are also cultural centers for neighborhoods. And when you don't have money, you go to the library for free.

The proposed $18 million cut is 60 percent of the total library budget. I don't think people really understand the magnitude of a cutback this size. A 60 percent reduction doesn't mean cutting back on book purchases, special programs or staff. It means closing library doors!

How about Giambra leading the way by taking a 60 percent cut in his salary, along with all the legislators, to show that he leads by example.

Gerald I. Brownrout