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Medicaid funding has New York State taxpayers furious and legislators pointing fingers at everyone but themselves. This past spring, state legislators overrode the governor's veto of excessive spending. Instead of cutting spending, they imposed new surcharges on numerous state services. Without public input, the Legislature arrogantly passed the Clean Air Act, forcing many businesses to close. Buffalo's Rick Naylon jumped through the hoops and hurdles Erie County threw in his path. Yet, in the end, he was forced to close his business of 23 years. Result: minus 35 taxpayers, plus 35 unemployment recipients.

Erie County and Albany legislators must repeal unfunded mandates and cut or eliminate excessive taxes. The State Legislature needs to address extra pay that legislators receive for being on certain committees, chairing committees and special funding for special interests. Legislators can pat themselves on the back for a job not done!

Voters have no one to blame but themselves for this disaster. How many people voted against the referendum for a Constitutional Convention in 1997?

Mary Kless