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8 PM on Channel 23

Star Trek: Enterprise

A new three-episode story arc concludes with "The Augments," as the Enterprise crew tries to stop evil Dr. Soong (guest star Brent Spiner, "Star Trek: The Next Generation") from generating a fresh army of his genetically engineered creations. The existing ones suddenly turn on him, resulting in a threat to Klingons. T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) has an overdue heart-to-heart with Trip (Connor Trinneer). HDTV31657
8 PM on ESPN

NBA Basketball

Look who's back in the West to harass Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs, if only for one early-season encounter? Why, it's Shaquille O'Neal, whom the Spurs became all too familiar with during his dominating days as the Lakers' center. Shaq believes those days aren't over -- he's guaranteed it, actually -- as he readies himself to head the reclamation of the Miami Heat. 121676
9 PM on Channel 2

Third Watch

Upon returning to the precinct, Cruz (Tia Texada) counsels an assaulted city councilman in "Broken." The politician won't identify his attacker, and Cruz tries to determine why. Davis (Coby Bell) locates his father's killer, an incarcerated man (guest star Jamar Allah) who provides additional information that's hard for Davis to hear. (TV14) HDTV4473, 28541
9 PM on Channel 7

Hope & Faith

Jack (guest star Robert Wagner) decides to do the right thing by marrying Mandi (guest star Jenny McCarthy), who's having his baby, although he really loves Anne (Jaclyn Smith), in "Stand by Your Mandi." His daughters, Hope and Faith (Faith Ford, Kelly Ripa), intercede to try to make sure he ends up with the woman he really wants to be with. HDTV52096
9 PM on Channel 49


Cheyenne (JoAnna Garcia) isn't sure what to think when she finds out Van (Steve Howey) didn't really have to return to Denver as soon as he did in "Hello, I Must Be Going." (TVPG) HDTV8628170


Athletes face visible hurdles on the playing field, but the personal challenges they face aren't always so evident. The struggles overcome by sports stars provide the focus of this series hosted by Marv Albert. The premiere episode traces NFL great Terry Bradshaw's battle with depression; he speaks candidly about his unhappiness at times during his years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. 357183
9:30 PM on TCM

Rear Window

One of Alfred Hitchcock's most memorable films, this 1954 classic manipulates the feelings of isolation and helplessness into ideal suspense. James Stewart stars as a photographer restricted to a wheelchair from a broken leg, who keeps an eye on his neighbors from his apartment. He comes to believe that one of them (Raymond Burr) is a murderer. Grace Kelly and Thelma Ritter also appear. 9381560
10 PM on Channel 2

Medical Investigation

Dr. Connor (Neal McDonough) and his team seek a bone-marrow donor for a 10-year-old in "Little Girl." The adopted child's relatives are the likeliest suppliers, so Eva (Anna Belknap) focuses on finding the biological mother (Catherine Wadkins, "General Hospital"). Time becomes even more of the essence when the same illness begins to affect others. (TV14) HDTV7560, 38928