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The Amherst Bridge Club in the Game Zone, 3860 Sheridan Drive, near Harlem Road, will hold an intermediate club championship game, offering extra American Contract Bridge League master points, at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. The session is open to all players with less than 2,000 master points. There is no additional charge for this game. For information, contact club manager Bill Finkelstein at 836-7016 or e-mail

Winner in the October master point race at the Amherst Bridge Club is Mike Silverman with 9.56. Runners-up are Jerry Bierman with 8.60 and Carl Stone with 7.61.

The Bridge Center of Buffalo, 3362 Sheridan Drive at Sweet Home Road, Amherst, will hold a Swiss Team event at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 21. Those who need a partner can call the Center at 834-4222.

The Bridge Center of Buffalo will hold club championship games at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday and 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Anyone needing a partner who arrives 15 minutes before game time will be guaranteed one.

ABA Bridge Club -- North-south, Beulah Thomas and Helen Colbert, 104; Thelma Daughtry and Cleveland Fleming, 102; Lola Bishop and Juanita Melford, 99; east-west, Doanne Jackson and Pam Murphy, 110; Pleasant Thomas and Herbert Watson, 108; Lennie Self and Alice Bragg, 94; possible 218.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday afternoon -- North-south, Bruce Burr and Faith Perry, 53.87%; East-west, Dolores Warmuz and Marge Kohl, 59.82%; Less than 300 masterpoints, North-south, Jerry Bierman and Mike Silverman, 52.38%; est-west, Frank Belz and Val Derenda, 44.35%.

Amherst Bridge Club Saturday afternoon -- Unlimited masterpoints, 1st, Eric Phifer and Bill Finkelstein, 63.69%; 2nd, Judy Kaprove and Ruth Kozower, 57.14%; less than 500 masterpoints, 1st, Judy Kaprove and Ruth Kozower, 57.14%; 2nd, Dolores Warmuz and Ruth Hnath, 55.95%.

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon -- North-south, Carl Gebauer and Ray Schmitt, 64; Bruce Burr and Ross Markello, 66; east-west, Peg Gorham and Shirley Cassety, 72; Mike Silverman and Ted Kahn, 56.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning -- North-south, Bruce Burr and Ross Markello, 53. East-west, Peg Gorham and Shirley Cassety, 54.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, Strat A: Betty Fudeman and Stanley Kozlowski, 208. Strat B: Lind Vassallo and Wilson McClaren, 182. East-west, Strat A: Joan Lewis and LaVern Lewis, 191. Strat B: Joan Lewis and LaVern Lewis, 191. Strat C: Judith Padgus and Jean MacDonald, 169.

B&P Duplicate Wednesday morning -- North-South, Strat A: Margaret Miles and Julie Fisher, 98; Strat B: Marianne Rindfleisch and Jacqueline Solomon, 94.5. East-west, Strat A: Don Cameron and Robert Linn, 114.5; Strat B: Alexandra Miller and Michael Kisiel.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning -- North-south, Strat A: Shirley Lyth and Bill Finkelstein, 203.5; Strat B: Shirley Lyth and Bill Finkelstein, 203.5; Strat C: Rosemary Richert and Ann Edwards, 164. East-west, Strat A: Joan Lewis and LaVern Lewis, 200; Strat B: Joan Lewis and LaVern Lewis, 200; Strat C: Aage Pettersen and Ray Stoklosa, 168.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning -- North-south, Jay Costello and Donna Steffan, 130; Bernice Baker and Gerald Fried, 119.5; Judith Padgug and Laurette Oak, 115.5; Betty Fudeman and Inge Gallant, 114.5; Janet Frisch and Fran Kurtz, 109; east-west, Joan Rose and Judy Graf, 129; Alberta Brown and Alfred Haber, 127.5; Nita Ferrell and Stanley Kozlowski, 121.5; Dorothy Brenner and Rita Sierocinski, 114.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening -- North-south, Margaret Klamp and Jim Mathis, 96; Powhatan Wooldridge and Judith Marshall, 88; Gerald Fried and Randolph Seidenberg Jr. tied with Allen Beroza and John Ricotta, 84.5; east-west, Richard Schad and Patricia Rasmus, 95.5; Jay Costello and William Bascom, 93; Arthur Morth and Joan Rose, 89.5; Robert Feasley and Mary Jo Crone, 89; Betty Bronstein and Eva Schmidt, 78.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday morning -- Gerald Fried and Jay Costello, 48.5; Judy Graf and Donna Steffan tied with Jack Miller and Ed Drozen, 46; Evelyn Miller and Terry Griggs, 42.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening -- Carolyn Siracuse and Joe Peters, 82.5; Jay Costello and Gerald Fried, 80; Allen Beroza and Elaine Universal, 72.5; John Ricotta and Brian Universal, 71.5; Betty Bronstein and John Marvin III, 69.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday morning -- Susan Bergman and Judith Padgug, 89.5; Stanley Kozlowski and Patricia Rasmus, 81.5; Allen Beroza and Betty Bronstein, 74; Alberta Brown and Judy Graf, 71.5; Christy Kellogg and Jay Costello, 70.5; Claire Gareleck and Luke Danielson, 67; Fran Kurtz and Rita Sierocinski, 65; Ginny Panaro and Mary Davey, 64.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday evening -- Jill and Powhatan Wooldridge, 103.5; William Rushmore and Jay Costello, 92; Patricia Rasmus and Judy Graf, 86.5; Elbert Hargesheimer and Donna Steffan, 79.75; Elizabeth Clark and Gerald Fried, 79.09; Arthur Morth and Jim Mathis, 78.75; Carolyn Siracuse and Robert Olin, 78.41; Michael Ryan and Robert Feasley, 76.58.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday morning -- Irving Jacobs and Bert Feasley, 61.88 Powhatan Wooldridge and S. Neubecker, 61.31; Gerald Fried and Judy Graf, 60.75; Rhoda Jacobs and Robert Feasley, 57.94; Claire Gareleck and Eileen Karnofsky, 54.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Strats A/B/C: Dorothy Brenner and Mike Kisiel; east-west, Strats A/B/C: Eugene Harvey and Kathy Pollock.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- Mitchell Movement; North-south, Margit and Peter Boyd-Bowman, 60.5, possible; East-west, Nila Gnamm and Donald Becker, 58, possible 90.

Center Bridge Wednesday --

Clarence Senior Center (Oct. 21) -- Lois Blaisdell, 20; Dusty Tufillaro, 13; Betty Byers, 11.

Delaware Wednesday evening (Oct. 27) -- North-south, Joyce Kindt and Robert Alan Davis, 93; east-west, Lance Pollock and Dorothy Kumrow, 93.5.

Delaware Wednesday evening (Nov. 4) -- North-south, Adam Dzimian and Dick Sigglekow, 101.5; east-west, Jane and Tom Gibbons, 106; possible 168.

Hamburg Senior Duplicate Monday night -- Patricia A. Tanner and Joanne Eckhardt, 101.77; Prudy Ciminelli and Marion Guglielmi, 100.15; Linda and Paul Zittel, 95.85.

Humboldt Tuesday -- Howell.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening (Oct. 26) -- North-south, Strat A: Bert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 144; Strat B: Mike Kisiel and Vince Pesce, 131.5; Strat C: Frank Belz and Norma Gelose, 86; east-west, Strat A: John Lewis and John Valentine, 134.5; Strat B: Sandy Lechner and Irene Seefeldt, 134; Strat C: John Meindl and Lou DiLorenzo, 96.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon (Oct. 30) -- Edie Moran and Anne Clancy, 70.5; Audrey Adams and Florence Smith, 63; Bert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 57.5; Sue Barnes and Bill Wasson, 57.3. Pupil game: Helen McGreevy and Margaret Maas, 47; Martha Archie and Sue Brown, 46; Kathryn Fenn and Gerry Julias, 39; Julia Shambach and Anna Marie Speck, 38.5.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Wednesday -- North-south, Joanne Zaverella and Dianne Forest, 66; east-west, Tom Gibbons and Mike Weber, 70.5; possible 120.

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