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They say that "good things come to those who wait" and, boy, how the residents of Walden Avenue in the Town of Cheektowaga have waited.

For the past four years, the Town Board has been trying to decide if the vacant property located at 1155 Walden Ave. could be saved from demolition. Studies were done to see if this property has any historic value. As of now, no significant action to save this building has been put into play.

Not only does the town own the property, but we taxpayers have contributed to maintaining it for the past four years. Now the town has proposed the purchase of property located at 1071 Walden. The fact that property was purchased and then left basically abandoned by the town that owns it is starting to infuriate this taxpayer.

As a Walden Avenue resident, I am not in favor of demolishing or saving these properties. I am in favor of whatever is best for the improvement of the neighborhood that I live in. Why wouldn't the Town of Cheektowaga utilize the property that it already owns as opposed to spending more taxpayer dollars on projects that may or may not happen in the future?

Kathleen Pogorzelski