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In July, Fix It wrote about a two-mile stretch of Trevett Road, south of Route 39, in Concord. It was the worst stretch of road we've driven over since this feature started in May.

Years of unheeded pleading had left residents along that stretch of road skeptical about the chances of getting the badly deteriorated street fixed.

There were monumental potholes, a series of washboard bumps and, at one point, an entire section of the road missing. Things were so bad that one resident had posted a sign demanding action and listing the phone number of the Erie County Department of Public Works.

The department reacted quickly to Fix It's inquiry with some short-term solutions, but said a more permanent fix would be forthcoming by the end of the year.

Charles Sickler, director of engineering for the department, reports that the re-do of that section of Trevett Road has been completed.

"We've recut ditches down there to get the drainage to flow better," he said. "We've put in some under-drain piping to pick up subsurface runoff and bring it to an appropriate spot."

Contractors also recycled the existing pavement using large machines that chew up pavement, crush it, mix it with rejuvenators, then lay it back down. A new asphalt surface was placed on top.

And, lastly, workers this week put down the lane markings.

Residents like Dave Sicignano are thrilled.

"It's brand new," he said. "I told all those guys from the East Concord garage they did a great job. I just wish it was two years earlier."

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