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This is a new one on me: The seven of diamonds is called the "beer card." If you win the 13th trick with it in a contract you make or beat, you win a beer from your partner.

At the ACBL Summer Championships, South indulged in a strange opening bid and became declarer at two spades. (East's silence opposite a 1NT overcall was stranger.) After cashing the king of hearts, West led the nine of diamonds.

South took the king, ruffed a heart, led to the ace of diamonds, ruffed a heart and led a diamond. West threw a club, and East ruffed and led a trump.

South took the ace and led another diamond, ruffing in dummy when West discarded. He ruffed a heart, and West overruffed with his queen and cashed the king. South, in sight of a beer, carefully threw the eight diamonds. West next led the ace and a low club, and South took the king, produced the seven of diamonds at Trick 13 to fulfill the contract, and got to bellow "Beer card!"

What people will do for a beer!

You hold: 7 6 4 A 8 6 3 2 Q 10 Q 6 5. Your partner opens one diamond, you respond one heart and he bids two clubs. The opponents pass. What do you say?

A: Your partner may have as many as 18 points, and you have three useful honors, hence to pass would be too timid. Bid two diamonds. Since partner suggests five or more diamonds, you'll be at a playable contract if he passes. If he bids again to try for game, you'll be delighted.

North dealer

Neither side vulnerable

J 9 8
10 7 5 4
A K 6
8 4 3
K Q 10
J 9
A J 10 7 2
7 6 4
A 8 6 3 2
Q 10
Q 6 5
A 5 3 2
8 7 5 4 3 2
K 9
PassPass1 (!)1 NT
2 Pass(!)PassPass
Opening lead -- K

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