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As I read yet another News editorial on the miserable failure that is our state government, I can't help but think the editorial board is part of the problem. I observed with amusement how it continues to harp on elected officials, and rightfully so, but then endorsed a majority of them for re-election. This, to me, smacks of hypocrisy.

The News taunted Assemblyman Robin Schimminger for calling constituents, "Democrats who would vote for a monkey" and yet saw him fit to serve another term. Is he a good man who made an embarrasing slip of the tongue, or someone who thinks so little of his fellow Buffalonians that he sees primates with voter registration cards? On any given day, one could infer either from the editorial page.

Even when given the chance to endorse someone viewed as, "to be sure, a credible candidate," Jeffrey Bono, challenging in the 142nd District, The News passed.

The question I've yet to see addressed anywhere is: If not these challengers or incumbents, who can fix the problem? If it isn't the incumbents, as a recent editorial suggested, if it isn't a challenger, credible as he may be, then who?

My thought is simple: Why not give change a whirl? If the current crew is failing so miserably, why not try a few new faces? Things couldn't get much worse, if that's any consolation. Heaven knows, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Eric DuVall


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