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1. Was Mahatma Gandhi of India a Hindu or Moslem?

2. The capital of Serbia and Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia) is ...

3. What is a glossary?

4. Do U.S. Savings Bonds finance part of the public debt?

5. Was Washington in the National Baseball League years ago?

6. Who was the high school teacher involved in the famous evolution trial in 1925?

7. Is it true or false that Portland is the capital of Maine?

8. When did Congress first exercise its power to declare war?

9. What was the original name of Swedish-born actress Greta Garbo?

10. What is the principal religion of Ghana?

11. What "colonel" was the longtime manager of Elvis Presley?

12. Where in the body is the uvula?

13. What musical instrument did Glenn Miller play?

1. Hindu.

2. Belgrade.

3. An explanatory list of terms used in a text.

4. Yes.

5. Washington, for many years an American Baseball League club, was in the National League during the 1886 through 1899 period, but not in the 20th century. Washington's National League years occurred before the American League began.

6. John T. Scopes.

7. False, Maine's capital is Augusta.

8. In June 1812, when the United States declared war against Britain.

9. Greta Gustafsson.

10. Christian.
11. Col. Tom Parker.

12. The uvula is a bit of flesh hanging from the soft palate above the back of the tongue.

13. Trombone.