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Charles Krauthammer, displaying his usual tunnel vision, was so busy praising President Bush for his efforts in producing a "miracle in Afghanistan" that he conveniently overlooked one of the more impressive changes that has occurred in that country since the U.S. occupation began. According to a news broadcast on National Public Radio, the production of raw opium, which is then refined into heroin, has so greatly increased that Afghanistan is now supplying 85 percent of the world's supply, a considerable increase since the days of the Taliban.

Opium now makes up about 40 percent of that country's gross national product. It is so successful that Afghans are building processing factories to convert the raw opium into heroin, a much more efficient practice than in the past, when the opium was shipped elsewhere for refining. One of the heroin warlords, who was interviewed, said that it was now much easier to grow the opium and process it into heroin for the worldwide market than it was under the Taliban, which severely punished such activity. Now there's progress!

Paul Tenser