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I recently received my high-speed Internet bill from Adelphia. I enjoy this luxury -- no busy phone while on the Internet and it's extremely fast and convenient. When I took on the promotion of $30 a month for six months, I knew it would eventually go up. But I did not realize the price would double! I was dumbfounded by the $59 bill I received. I called Adelphia and learned that because I do not subscribe to any other Adelphia services (cable), that was the rate. I am being penalized because I only utilize the Internet, and not the cable for my television.

When another service comes in my area that doesn't require a phone line, I will be canceling this service. The sad part about it is that Adelphia wins until this happens. One of the reasons my family decided to go with a satellite company for television, and not with Adelphia, was its record of poor service, lack of follow-up with problems and hidden costs. It is no wonder why Adelphia is doing so poorly.

Nicole Jackson

Town of Tonawanda