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1. An English real estate agent is on his way to Castle Dracula in Transylvania as "Dracula" begins. What is the agent's name?

2. The year 1945, a war year, was not good for most baseball records, but a Red Sox rookie pitcher had shutouts in his first two games. Name him.

3. What Democratic presidential candidate used the phrase "Let's look at the record"?

4. What is a digany?

5. Moonlight is really . . .

6. Name either the composer or the lyricist who wrote "Manhattan" and "Sentimental Me."

7. Identify "Higgins" on the "Petticoat Junction" TV show.

8. What country occupies almost half of the 6.8 million square miles of South America?

9. What is the batting average of a baseball player who has 60 hits for 210 official times at bat?

10. Identify the actress who portrays Tiffany Case, member of an international smuggling ring, in the James Bond movie "Diamonds are Forever."

11. In what noted movie of the 1930s does Academy Award winner Victor McLaglen say while standing in a church but dying of bullet wounds, "Frankie, Frankie, your mother forgives me"?

12. "P.S." at the end of a letter stands for what wording?

1. Renfield, portrayed in the movie by Dwight Frye.

2. Dave Ferriss.

3. Alfred E. Smith, when he ran for President in 1928. He lost the election to Republican Herbert Hoover.

4. A second legal marriage, or marriage after death or divorce of the first spouse.

5. Reflected sunlight.

6. Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

7. Higgins was a pet dog.

8. Brazil.

9. .286.

10. Jill St. John.

11. "The Informer" (1935).

12. Postscript.