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The ruling Seneca Party maintained its dominance Tuesday with Barry E. Snyder Sr.'s election as president of the Seneca Nation of Indians.

Snyder, who ran on a campaign platform to make Seneca Nation casino operations more transparent to tribal members, beat his main opponent, Cyrus M. Schindler Jr. by a vote of 1,334 to 1,191. Robert W. Jones, an independent candidate for president, received 61 votes.

The Seneca Party, which faced a split when Schindler lost the party's presidential primary in September and formed his own party, the Seneca Alliance, swept to victory in nearly every office except the nation's clerk, and a police marshal post at the Allegany Reservation.

Snyder said the election gives the Seneca Party firm control of the 16-member Tribal Council with 12 votes. "I'm going to try to bring the other four councilors in so that we can move forward," he said.

Schindler is one of those four councillors. "I lost the election but I do plan to stay on the council, and I'll work with the rest of the council if they want to get things done," he said.

Election results for the Seneca Party are:

President, Barry E. Snyder Sr., 1,334; clerk, Joyce "Beanie" Gates Jamieson, 1,213; Maurice A. "Moe" John Sr., 1,288; Tribal Council, Cattaraugus, Kevin W. Seneca, 1,299; Trudy Jackson, 1,285; Todd Gates, 1,277; and Llona Leroy Issac, 1,264; Allegany, Donald John, 1,217; Robert "Chub" Pierce, 1,227; Arlene Bova, 1,233; and Rovena Abrams, 1,214.

Chief marshal, Cattaraugus, Thomas Thompson, 1,297; Allegany; Martin John, 1,211; police marshals, Cattaraugus, Travis Jimerson, 1,311; Brandon Boushie, 1,267; and Lenith "Lenny" Young, 1,264; Allegany, Reggie George, 1,214; Carl "Junior" Simons Jr., 1,183; and Carlyn J. White, 1,203; assessors, Cattaraugus, Patricia "Trish" Patterson, 1,248; Lloyd "Muffy" Mohawk, 1,254; and Brandon White, 1,224; Allegany, Kevin Printup, 1,268; Carolyn Brant, 1,217; and Jacqueline Bowen, 1,240; highway commissioner, Cattaraugus, Lucille White, 1,210; Allegany, Adam Kennedy, 1,229; poormaster, Cattaraugus, Lucille Nephew, 1,254; Allegany, Rae Lynn George, 1,233.

Votes for the Seneca Alliance Party are: President, Cyrus M. Schindler Jr., 1,191; clerk, Geraldine "Bird" Huff, 1,257; treasurer, Rickey L. Armstrong Sr., 1,257; Tribal Council, Cattaraugus, Shelley R. Huff, 1,157; Ryan N. Jimerson, 1,214; Michael J. Leaf, 1,156; and Arthur "Sugar" Montour, 1,073; Allegany, Pauline "Snap" John, 1,159; Donald "Flip" White Jr., 1,161; Adrian C. John, 1,170; and Stephen A. Gordon, 1,113.

Chief marshal, Cattaraugus, Bradley D. Hernandez, 1,116; Allegany, Steven S. Frank, 1,177; police marshals, Cattaraugus, Sylvia Joy Cooper, 1,101; David K. Isaac, 1,120; and Peter J. Longboat, 1,126; Allegany, Barney J. Clark, 1,166; Brandon S. Redeye, 1,219; and Walter C. Reiller, 1,141; assessor, Cattaraugus, Marcella K. Kane, 1,118; John M. Pierce, 1,135; and John Y. Waterman, 1,151; Allegany, John D. Redeye, 1,144; Lillian J. Taylor, 1,125; and Lori V. Quigley, 1,124; highway commissioner, Cattaraugus, Timothy J. Waterman, 1,187; Allegany, Ronald "RK" Kenjockety, 1,138; poormaster, Cattaraugus, Arletta "Artie" Stevens, 1,150; Allegany, Trishelle N. John-Murphy, 1,141.

Votes for several independent candidates are:

President, Robert W. Jones, 61; Tribal Council, Allegany, Leslie L. McComber, 42; Dianna Beaver, 54; and Duane L. Cooper, 43; highway commissioner, Allegany, Gloria Vance Moore, 36.


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