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Test your opening leads in today's deal from the ACBL Summer Championships. Look at the West hand and the auction and pick a lead against five hearts.

East, who leaped to four spades over your single raise, has a big hand; North-South have sacrificed. When the deal arose, many Wests chose a routine spade lead -- and regretted it. South took the ace, ruffed a spade, ruffed a diamond, ruffed a spade and led dummy's last trump. East got the top trumps, but South later played West for the queen of clubs and made his contract.

West knows his side has most of the high-card strength, and he has dummy's diamonds under control. Since dummy's only trick source will be ruffs, West must lead his singleton trump. East will take the A-K and lead a third trump, removing dummy's trumps, and South must guess right in clubs to avoid down three.

East-West will be plus 300 points: not as good as scoring 620 at four spades, but better than letting South make five hearts doubled.

You hold: K Q J 9 6 2 A K 8 K 9 7 3. You open one spade, and your partner bids two hearts. The opponents pass. What do you say?

A: Although your partner's response promises five or more hearts, you can afford to wait to support his suit. Jump to three spades, forcing. If partner next bids 3NT or four of a minor suit, you'll try four hearts. If he raises to four spades, you can try for slam with a bid of 4NT, Blackwood.

East dealer.

E-W vulnerable.

Q 9 4
Q J 6 5 3 2
K 9 2
7 4 3
A 10 8 4
Q 8 7 5 4
K Q J 9 6 2
A K 8
K 9 7
A 10 5
J 10 7 6 3 2
A J 10 6
East South West North
1 223
DblAll Pass
Opening lead -- Choose it

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