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Molly Ivins recently described "Stolen Honor" as a "long attack ad." She railed against the airwaves being used for programming that might be construed as politically motivated. She made the ludicrous charge that a concerted effort is being made on the part of the Sinclair brothers to buy up media outlets in order to control the airwaves. So now 62 stations constitute a dangerous proportion of the media in this nation. Fascinating, given that her columns run in far more print outlets than the 62 stations she complains about.

Her moral outrage is conspicuously absent when conservatives and Republicans have to sit back and take the outrageous distortions of Michael Moore and others in the Hollywood industry who exploit the readily available ideological cushion to spread their messages on TV, in the theaters and in print all over the world. Instead of seeing the attempt at balance in the feisty world of politics, Ivins comes down against the free flow of ideas by arguing for the government stepping in to control what people can watch.

Ivins would do well to set aside her personal grudges against President Bush, take a deep breath and allow Americans the right to see what they want from both sides.

Ellene S. Phufas

North Tonawanda