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The News' constant expose of Buffalo police officers, their salaries and the accidents that have occurred are ludicrous. Ride around in a cruiser for two weeks and tell me that these officers are not entitled to the best pay, insurance and any available perks.

When we had two-person patrols, we had four eyes. Now one person has to type into a computer for information about the suspected perp, adjust the lights and siren, negotiate traffic (when cars don't necessarily stop for lights and sirens) and give information to the operator. That is very difficult. It was much easier when the non-driver in the car could assist in this operation.

Before The News blames the officers, the editors should go to the police garage and inspect the cars. Many cars have broken windshield wipers, bad brakes, bad tires, no heat and a myriad of other problems. Meanwhile, the upper echelon drive brand-new SUVs. Discover the other side of society -- where officers are sworn at, spit on, assaulted, etc. Would you still come to the conclusion that police officers are compensated too much?

Some day you might need the assistance of the police. Would you not want them to be the best trained and equipped, so that you get the best protection you deserve? Stop siding with the bureaucracy and demand that our protectors, the people who put their lives on the line for us, be compensated in kind. And most important of all, respect them for what they do.

Donna Capitano Nardozzi


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