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For once, can we quit the finger pointing and accept the real truth about the mess Buffalo residents have put themselves in? The residents blame the city and the Police Department for the rise in street crimes, even to the point of having a rally downtown to express the need for more police officers. The truth is, if parents did their jobs with their children in the first place, Buffalo would have half the number of murders it does now. Let's quit blaming others for the lack of help and start helping ourselves.

If children were at home for family dinners every night, in the house by 9 p.m. and parents actually kept tabs on their whereabouts, we would not need curfews and body bags for our children.

Maybe the Buffalo Police Department needs to have its officers march on city neighborhoods and express their concerns as to why the parents cannot raise their children properly. Why do the police have to bring these children home late at night? Why are children failing in school? Let's quit blaming others for our failures and start doing our jobs.

Louis Loveless

Lake View

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