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I have been following the story of Pano's restaurant and the owner's desire to tear down the building next to his. What I find amazing is that Pano Georgiadis bought the building 10 years ago and at that time no one from the Elmwood Preservation Coalition said anything about it. But when he decided to tear it down, the preservationists came out and said no, it's a historical site. Why didn't they do that before, when it was on the market for sale?

This building is in poor condition, yet they want to keep it standing. Is the Preservation Coalition going to pay for the repairs? Georgiadis owns that building and he has every right to tear it down if he sees fit. The Preservation Coalition shouldn't all of a sudden decide the building needs to be saved because it doesn't like what he plans to do. If the building is such a landmark, then it should never have been sold.

Georgiadis is trying to help himself and others by tearing down the building so he can bring more people and business into the Elmwood area. For once, someone wants to do some good in Buffalo.

Lynn Pilarski


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