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I am disturbed by the Buffalo Bills, especially Tom Donahoe. He has dragged this football team to the ground. His draft picks and trades have left us a losing team.

Let us start the laundry list of woe with his trade for Drew Bledsoe. New England bartered him away for a reason. He was past his prime and unable to get the job done. He is slow, lumbering and unable to even move out of his own way. He is unable to read a defense and blindly throws into double and even triple coverage. Case in point, the Baltimore game. Four interceptions in one game. What are we paying for?

Another point, Willis McGahee should be the starting running back. Loyalty to Travis Henry (who has contributed in the past) is wasted. All he has given us this year is five losses. Not all his fault, of course. Drew has his hand in these losses as well.

Cut Bobby Shaw. Why? Josh Reed can't run a route and he couldn't catch a cold, much less a pass. It must have been difficult to admit that he had wasted a valuable second-round draft pick.

I would like to see Ralph Wilson step in and get rid of Donahoe. We need someone who knows what he is doing, someone who cares. Wilson is far too good of an owner to have this kind of treatment. Ralph Wilson and the people of the Buffalo area deserve a winner.

George B. Chaffin Jr.


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