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Since I was old enough to follow sports and actually understand the relationship a city and its people have with their sports teams, I was really hoping that the Boston fans could suffer just a little longer before they took the clean sweep of all major sports championships.

I'm really tired of being one of the few cities with nothing.

Let's see, since 1960 (the year I was born), the Boston Celtics have won 13 NBA championships (poor Boston fans). The Boston Bruins have won two Stanley Cups (poor Boston fans). Two out of the last three years, the Patriots have won the Super Bowl (poor Boston fans), and now after 86 years the poor Boston fans have finally won a World Series.

Give me a break. You want suffering? How about Wide Right? No Goal? Do I need to continue?

We can only hope that Chicago Cubs' fans continue to suffer -- that is until Buffalo brings a major championship home, at least in my lifetime. Then I won't care who suffers longer. Go Bills. Go Sabres.

Primo Marotto


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