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Each week I read Jerry Sullivan's columns in The Buffalo News, and each week I become more frustrated and angry at his musings. His negativity weighs as heavily as if one were lying under a 500-pound slab of concrete. But hasn't this always been the tone of most of his columns? It must be depressing to be in a down mood so frequently. You could take last Monday's column and substitute the Sabres for the Bills, and the tone would fit.

This past week it was Drew Bledsoe and Travis Henry again. Now, to be fair, I happen to agree with many of Mr. Sullivan's views on things. But it is painfully obvious of the dislike he has for Bledsoe as the starting QB, and he is becoming more and more sour on Henry. However, to place the bulk of the blame for a team's ineptness on one person, even if he is the quarterback, is too simplistic.

The solution to the Bills' ills is more than replacing one or two players. Our offense is atrocious, the substitutes for the line worse. How often are the same mistakes in performance going to be made? How often must we wear the same weak excuses as explanation for terrible play?

We are in a down cycle now. Time to rebuild at all positions of weakness. It takes time, but get on with it!

Mike Daniels


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