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Reforming Social Security has been discussed for years. I agree that changes must be made. My concern is with younger workers who are complaining about being required to pay into the Social Security fund. They believe, and rightly so, that it may be insolvent before they reach retirement age.

They want the right to not pay into it, instead diverting their funds into private accounts. I see nothing wrong with doing that. But I do believe they should also continue to fund Social Security.

I'm 49 and have paid into the fund since I was a teenager. I had no problem with supporting the older folks. My deductions from my paychecks were never as big a problem as the other payroll taxes. We owe it to our elders to support them in their later years, especially since they paid into the fund themselves. Hence the word "social."

We baby boomers will be dying as the younger generation comes to retirement age. There will be a new generation coming along after that. We owe it to our seniors to continue to make sure they have a secure future by properly funding it.

With a little common sense and some tweaking, the Social Security fund can be maintained for generations to come. We must start to make the needed changes now. Our politicians don't seem highly concerned over this, paying it only lip service. But to put this off, even for a few years, will be disastrous.

Rick Lange