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Was professor Gerhard Falk's diatribe against liberal professors published in "My View" legitimate or was he simply miffed because he wasn't invited to a faculty Halloween party? If he's concerned about "conformity" and "goose-step" mentality in higher education, he needs to reread Harold Bloom's ex-cathedra cannon on American education and "culture." Bloom and other starkly conservative educators concocted a foolproof, step-by-step scheme directing bright-eyed students to the only acceptable pathway to cultural enrichment.

Falk's attack became reckless when he accused liberal professors of peddling anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism, like other forms of racism, is a spiritual and social infirmity. To confuse it with the judicious inquiry into questionable Israeli policies is dangerously careless.

Gideon Levy is deeply troubled by the tragic deaths of civilian Israelis. However, he wrote a startling expose of the brutal deaths of Palestinian children killed in Israeli attacks. Is Levy's fault-finding essay, like similar works written by other astute and compassionate Jewish scholars, a study in anti-Semitism?

Falk is right: President Bush was not responsible for 9/1 1. Does he suggest, therefore, that honorable conservatives and liberals should ignore the growing loss of American and Iraqi lives, squandered as a result of our president's irresponsible and reprehensible Iraqi blunder?

Maurilio Gianadda