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The Bridge Center of Buffalo in the plaza at Sheridan Drive and Sweet Home Road, Amherst, will hold a Pro/Am game at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 9. Players with less than 300 points will be paired up with an experienced "Pro" partner. Players with less than 300 masterpoints who need a partner or those who are willing to play for free as a pro, Call Claire Gareleck, 835-0635.

The Bridge Center of Buffalo's morning games start half an hour earlier on weekdays, beginning this week. All are at 10:30 a.m.

Meanwhile, the Monday morning game will be changed from a novice game to an open stratified game and there will be a club championship game Thursday morning. Call 834-4222 for partners. The center's Web site, at, has a map and a list of the regularly scheduled games.

The Amherst Bridge Club in the Game Zone, 3860 Sheridan Drive near Harlem Road, will have a special individual game for prize money at 11:30 a.m. Saturday. The session is stratified and also awards American Contract Bridge League masterpoints. Participants play with a different partner each round. All bridge players are welcome, including non-ACBL members. Preregistration is a must. For information, contact club manager Bill Finkelstein at 836-7016 or e-mail at

Duplicate Scores

ABA Bridge Club Tuesday -- North-south, Lennie Self and Juanita Melford, 121; Beulah Thomas and Hellen Colbert, 117; Juanita Birdsong and Lola Bishop, 110; east-west, David Mathis and Shirley Thompson, 109; Ed Norton and Betty Wollschlager, 100; Mary Schoffield and Ken Modell, 98; possible 218.

Amherst Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon -- Less than 2,000 masterpoints: North-south, Nita Ferrell and Luke Danielson, 66.20; east-west, Carl Stone and Alicia Kolipinski tied with Jerry Bierman and Mike Silverman, 60.19. Less than 500 masterpoints: North-south, John Kirsits and Allen Beroza, 53.70; east-west, Carl Stone and Alicia Kolipinski tied with Jerry Bierman and Mike Silverman, 60.19. Less than 200 masterpoints: North-south, Bruce Burr and Ross Markello, 50.46; east-west, Jerry Bierman and Mike Silverman, 60.19. Club Series Games for Oct.: Carl Stone, 16; Nancy Kessler, 12; Bruce Burr, 10.5; Jerry Bierman, Mike Silverman and Ross Markello all tied, 8.5.

Amherst Bridge Club Wednesday evening -- Unlimited masterpoints: Dorothy May and Ken Meier, 64.81; Eric Phifer and Jim Jacobi, 59.72; Mary Terrana and Joe Peters, 53.24. Club Series Games for Oct.: Eric Phifer, 7.5; Barbara Libby tied with Bonnie Bryar, 7; Paul Orosz tied with Cleveland Fleming, 6.

Amherst Bridge Club Thursday afternoon -- Unlimited masterpoints: Luke Danielson and Nita Ferrell, 59.17; Alicia Kolipinski and partner, 56.67. Less than 750 masterpoints: Betty Lawrence and Anna Edwards, 55; Betty Dorio and Curt Hallis, 53.33. Less than 500 masterpoints: Jerry Bierman and Mike Silverman, 51.25; Jim Hoover and Marie Zayan, 44.58.

Amherst Bridge Club Saturday afternoon -- Unlimited masterpoints: Section B, Janet Morgan, 64.68; Shirley Cassety, 63.10; Betty Dorio, 60.32; Peg Clark, 58.73. Section E, LaVern Lewis, 62.70; Eileen Karnofsky, 60.32; Mike Silverman, 59.13; Estelle Atlas, 58.73. Less than 100 masterpoints: Section B, Mary Jane Malaszek, 56.35; Irene Otto, 52.78; Marie Suprinick, 50. Section E, Mike Silverman, 59.13; Estelle Atlas, 58.73; Maggie McNamara, 57.14; Jim Brown, 55.16.

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon -- North-south, Chuck Heimerl and Bill Rich, 67; Rosemary Richert and Anna Edwards, 57; east-west, Peg Gorham and Shirley Cassety, 71; Angie Stange and Martin Schaus, 61.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning -- North-south, Jim Keegan and Dave Stroud, 64; east-west, Peg Gorham and Shirley Cassety, 75.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- Robert Linn and Dom Cameron, 67; Marion Morber and Grace Remick, 60.5. Beverly Cohen and Jim Mathis, 60; Patricia Weber and Michael Weber, 57.5.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, Strat A: Nita Ferrell and Luke Danielson, 190; Strat B: John Lewis and LaVern Lewis, 164; east-west, Strat A: Alberta Brown and Jeanne Gladysz, 192. Strat B: Alberta Brown and Jeanne Gladysz, 192. Eileen Karnofskyd and Nadine Stein, 168.5.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning -- North-south, Strat A: Judith Padgug and Arthur Morth, 188; Strat B: Patricia Weber and Michael Weber, 173; east-west, Strat A: Jerry Geiger and Kevin Gervase, 202.5; Strat B: Margaret Miles and Marian Morber, 183.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday -- North-south, Rita Sierocinski and Rita Sofia, 126; Judith Padgug and Laurette Oak, 121.5; Rhoda Jacobs and Inge Gallant, 115.5; Lorna Brewer and Elizabeth Lawrence, 111; east-west, Donna Steffan and Alberta Brown, 145; Luke Danielson and Douglas Dean, 129.5; Gerald Fried and Jay Costello, 129; Margaret Klamp and Joan Rose, 115.5; William and Peter Schneidau, 101.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday -- Jim Mathis and Gerald Fried, 111.46; William Rushmore and William Bascom, 96.92; Elbert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 92.62; Carolyn Siracuse and Anne Watkins tied with Robert Olin and Patricia Burns, 91; Mary Jo Crone and Robert Feasley, 87.77.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday morning -- Jay Costello and Donna Steffan, 52.5; Margaret Klamp and Jill Wooldridge, 48.5; David Larcom and Betty Bronstein, 45; Dolores Warmuz and Carolyn Siracuse, 40.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening -- Joe Peters and Christine Urbanek, 81.9; Janice O'Mara and Edith Knaszak, 80; Charles Heimerl and Robert Davis, 78.2; Andrei and Tova Reinhorn, 76.8; Patricia Burns and Beverly Dale, 76.4.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday morning -- Robert Feasley and Anne Watkins, 70.84; Rita Sierocinski and Dorothy Brenner, 64.9; Inge Gallant and Susan Bergman, 63.2; Judy Graf and Allen Beroza, 62.15; Eva Schmidt and Ann Coughlin, 62.04; Mary Davey and Ginny Panaro, 49.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Friday evening -- Joe Peters and Michael Ryan, 93; Joan Rose and Jim Mathis, 91; Jill Wooldridge and Sharon Benz, 88.5; John Sinclair and Christine Urbanek, 86; Gerald Fried and Elizabeth Clark, 85; William Rushmore and Jay Costello, 81.5.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Saturday morning -- Jay Costello and Jill Wooldridge, 66; Betty Fudeman and Margaret Klamp tied with Rhoda Jacobs and Donna Steffan, 60.5; Kevin Gervase and Warren O'Connell Jr., 58.5; Betty Bronstein and John Marvin, 111.5.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Strat A: Brian Mampe and Walter Majewski; Strat B/C: Mike Kisiel and Beverly Norton; east-west, Strat A: Jim Mathis and Saleh Fetouh; Strat B: Harry Cheung and Paul Libby; Strat C: Kathy Pollock and Eugene Harvey.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- North-south, Peter and Margit Boyd-Bowman, 44; east-west, Priscilla Bretschger and Mary Botsford, 35; possible 180.

Clarence Senior Center Thursday -- Carol and Norm Kirschner, 58; Dolly and Frank Morabito, 55; Lil and Bob Reynolds, 53.

Friday Dupliclub -- North-south, Pat Wolf and Mildred Kramer, 55.5; Edna and Ron Fill, 54; east-west, Jennifer and Peter Reynolds, 61; Jane and Tom Gibbons, 57; possible 100.

Hamburg Senior Duplicate Monday night -- Joanne Eckhardt and Linda Zittel; Andy Kejel and Joseph Miranda.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening (Oct. 19) -- North-south, Strat A: Irene Seefeldt and Sandy Lechner, 123.5; Strat B: Miriam Regnet and Don Smith, 118 east-west, Strat A: John Valentine and John Lewis, 133; Strat B: Ed and Liz Harman, 121; Strat C: Pat Wolf and Frank Belz, 114.5.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon (Oct. 23) -- Strat A: Roy Crocker and Marge Schomers, 63.5; Bert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, 60.8; Strat B: Lois Smith and Mary Costello, 61.9; Alex Miller and Mercedes Reinbolt, 48.

Orchard Park Tuesday evening -- North-south, Maria and Bob Winkler, 127.5; Betty Malvin and Pat Tanner, 124; east-west, Lou and Cas Soron, 123.5; Mary Schneider and Marion Guglielmi tied with Ruth Healy and Ruth Killeen, 121.5; possible 216.