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Forever fabulous

It comes as no surprise that Organic Style magazine promotes the idea of choosing fall clothes this year that will not end up in the landfill next year -- or the years after that.

In its November issue, an article called "Tomorrow's Vintage" highlights fashions available this season that will surely still be in style in 2010.

Among the timeless pieces: Pencil skirt; cardigan with fitted shoulders; round-toe shoes with heels; beaded dress ("a 1920s favorite"); leather trench ("in buttery-smooth leather with a built-in distressed look"); brooch, and a full dance skirt (a '50s silhouette but in a sportier fabric such as wool).

For fun, stylist Luis Rodriguez even suggests how each of the items will be worn in a stylish way five years from now.

The pencil skirt you wear with a duffel coat today will be paired with a fake-fur hoodie a few years down the road, for example. And those round-toe shoes? You'll be wearing those with "a great jumpsuit."

Be cool

Then again, if all your fall wardrobe requires is an accessories update, consider this list of "cool" must-haves from Target:

* Faux crocodile handbags, especially totes or satchels.

* Scarves, gloves and hats in fluorescent green, lavender and orange to add punch to sensible winter coats in neutral colors.

* A pearl necklace tied with a satin bow to add ladylike glamour to both jeans and dresses.

* Belts -- whether they're ribbons or rhinestones.

* Bright tights in a rainbow of opaque colors (top with black fishnets, if you dare).

Fashion tip

Here's some sound style advice from the Ladies' Home Journal, from its Web site, Buy -- and wear -- clothing that actually fits your body. Anything too big (baggy T-shirts) or too small (tiny tank tops) will make you look larger than you are. You won't fool anyone by cramming yourself into a smaller size or hiding under loose fabric.

On the shelf

Those looking to expand their fashion libraries may want to check out these two new books published this fall:

"Andy Warhol Fashion" (Chronicle Books, $16.95) is a collection of Warhol's fashion illustrations dating back to his days as a commercial artist for Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, the New Yorker, retailers and elsewhere.

Simon Doonan, creative director for Barneys New York, writes the forward, pointing out such things as: "Andy loved flowers. And ladies' shoes. And beauty and shopping and drag queens and Russell Wright china and Florine Stettheimer and Carmen Miranda and gossiping on the phone . . ."

The second, "20th Century Fashion" (Firefly Books, $24.95) was written by Linda Watson in association with Vogue magazine and offers a decade-by-decade view of fashion as well as an A-to-Z list of 250 of the most influential designers of the past 100 years.

And finally . . .

"No woman can be well dressed unless she is comfortable in what she is wearing."

Bill Blass, late fashion designer