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He's not gay, Simon says ...
Simon Cowell has ridiculed Sharon Osbourne's claim that he is a closet homosexual, reports, adding that he was "man enough" to laugh off the comments.

The argument between the British TV show "X Factor" judges heated up when Osbourne said he was "a repressed homosexual."

Cowell is in a long-term relationship with model Terri Seymour, but Osbourne said it's a front to hide his sexuality.

"He's one of the most repressed men I've ever met," she said. "He would enjoy his life a lot more if he would just come out. I reckon he's dying to."

Cowell, 44, said: "Everyone knows I give out criticism on the show. If I give it out, then I'm man enough to take it, especially from Sharon. It's nonsense."

Breaks foot over Sox ...
So devoted a Boston Red Sox fan is California First Lady Maria Shriver, that she managed to break her foot while watching the fifth playoff game between Boston and the New York Yankees. When the Sox's David Ortiz smacked a 14th-inning single, an excited Shriver jumped off the sofa -- landing on one of her children's shoes and breaking her foot. "She was hollering at her kids to pick up their misplaced shoes, but she realized her instructions fell on deaf ears," spokeswoman Terri Carbaugh said. "It goes to show it's easier to ... defeat the curse of the Bambino than it is to get one's child to do as (he or she) is told, as most mothers can relate to."

Shriver was wearing a brace on Friday, and doctors said it would take about three months for the injury to heal.

Reigning supreme ...
Two giants of 1970s cinema, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, have topped a British magazine's poll of the greatest living movie stars over age 50, reports USA Today.

De Niro and Pacino both starred in Francis Ford Coppola's legendary "Godfather" films.

Jack Nicholson, Paul Newman and Marlon Brando -- who died in July before voting was complete -- took third, fourth and fifth spots in the poll of 10,000 readers of the film magazine Empire.

Here are the next 15 spots:

Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, Clint Eastwood, Sigourney Weaver, Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Meryl Streep, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Sidney Poitier, Robert Redford, Alan Rickman and Judi Dench.

The court docket ...
Emmy-winning actor Rip Torn, 72, was acquitted of drunken-driving charges by a Manhattan jury.

"This is one of the great events in my life," a choked-up Torn said after hearing the not guilty verdict in Manhattan Criminal Court. "To be in the hands of this wonderful jury. I love New York." Jurors said the prosecution failed to prove that Torn was drinking before his car was involved in a Greenwich Village fender-bender with a taxi. Meanwhile, "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff, 52, pleaded no contest Thursday in Los Angeles to a charge of driving under the influence from a June incident and was ordered to enroll in an alcohol program for six months.

Celebrity birthdays ...
Sunday: CBS anchorman Dan Rather is 73. Newswoman Jane Pauley is 54. Director Peter Jackson is 43. Actor Rob Schneider is 40.

Monday: Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is 62. Singer Lyle Lovett is 47. Actress Jenny McCarthy is 32.

Tuesday: Actress Stefanie Powers is 62. Singer k.d. lang is 43. Rapper Nelly is 30.

Wednesday: Actress-comedian Roseanne Barr is 52. Actress Kate Capshaw is 51. Comedian Dennis Miller is 51.

Thursday: Walter Cronkite is 88. Actor Matthew McConaughey is 35. Rapper-producer Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is 35.

Friday: Actress Elke Summer is 64. Singer Art Garfunkel is 63. Singer Bryan Adams is 45.

Next Saturday: Director Mike Nichols is 73. Actress Sally Field is 58. Actor Ethan Hawke is 34.

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