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Last month, we wrote about a potential hazard with broken signposts protruding from the sidewalk in front of St. Margaret's School on Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo.

That triggered several e-mails from other Fix It readers who told of the same problem on streets in their neighborhoods: parking signs are knocked over or removed, but the bases remain, presenting a possible tripping hazard to pedestrians, especially come snow season. One particularly persistent reader wrote about several on Grant Street. In particular, he mentioned three spikes sticking up from the sidewalk at 355 Grant, in front of the Link-Fox & Luka Funeral Home.

"All these trip-and-fall hazards are leaving the City of Buffalo open for substantial liability," the reader said in a voice mail left on the Fix It line. "If they can be cut off 4 inches from the ground, why can't they be cut off flush to the sidewalks?"

The city's Public Works, Parks and Streets Department agrees. An assistant to Commissioner Joseph N. Giambra said residents who see the remains of signposts sticking out of the sidewalk should call 851-5366 or 851-5636 and report them.

The city will dispatch a crew to take care of the ones on Grant Street, the assistant said.

Fix It is a forum for News readers looking for government action on small-picture problems in their environment. Contributions can be made by e-mail at; by phone at 849-6026; or by mail at Fix It, The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14240.

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