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I am incensed by The News' recent editorial endorsements for the Assembly. After suggesting that the editorial board would withhold endorsements for candidates "where we see no candidate capable of insisting upon the necessary reforms," The News endorsed Sam Hoyt and Paul Tokasz.

The board even suggested that Tokasz has not been effective and has an allegiance to Speaker Sheldon Silver -- we know that means no reform. The board also pointed out how Hoyt made a hasty retreat when Silver was on the verge of defeating an Assembly coup to remove him from power.

The News rightly pointed out that the only road to reform in the Legislature is for voters to turn out these incumbents "who show no stomach for the fight that has become not only necessary, but urgent." Even a weak endorsement gives these incumbents the sense that they are supported by Western New York in their ineffectual stance on reform. In my mind, The News has lost its credibility by dropping a "sandbag" on the collective heads of local citizens with these recommendations.

Jim Tauriello


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