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The week's most-awaited box among a specific segment of DVD buyers -- say, women between the ages of 16 and 86 -- may be "21 Jump Street," 13 episodes of the stylish cop show that was one of Fox Television's original attempts to compete with the Big Three networks in 1987.

It was, of course, the show that launched the career of one Johnny Depp. The surprise of revisiting the show is not how much the camera loved Depp, but how stylishly dark and edgy the aimed-at-teens series was.

"SCTV Volume 2" contains nine 90-minute shows aired on NBC in 1981-82, including then-new material from the great Canadian comedy troupe and some of the best skits that had aired on the syndicated Canadian series.

The big Halloween scream could be "Dawn of the Dead," this summer's unnecessary yet undeniably effective remake of George Romero's 1978 low-budget zombie classic in which the walking dead terrorize a New Jersey shopping mall.

For true masochist completists, "Friday the 13th: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan" ($79.99) allows us to watch little Jason Vorhees grow up via the first eight films in the horror series that refuses to die.

The most serious-minded -- despite Eddie Murphy's pre-"Shrek" voice appearance as a gag-breathing dragon -- in the long and admirable string of traditionally animated features from Disney was 1998's "Mulan," now re-released in a two-disc Special Edition ($29.98).

Extras on the second disc, as usual with Disney special editions, mix fascinating featurettes on the film's genesis, design and execution (and outtakes, including a newly completed scene to accompany a song cut from the original score) with an array of games and activities for smaller children.

-- Terry Lawson,
Knight Ridder Newspapers

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