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Led by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jimmy Gnecco, Ours has been perfecting a darkly mysterious form of artsy rock with Goth overtones since releasing its debut, "Distorted Lullabies," in 2000.

Gnecco, whose voice has drawn consistent and, surely to him, consistently annoying comparisons to the late, great Jeff Buckley ever since the band emerged from New Jersey, is a frontman given to the dramatic and grandiloquent. The music of Ours, not surprisingly, has become a sacred elixir to alternative music fans starved for a bit of drama and virtuosity rolled into one neat package. Cure fans and Led Zeppelin lovers alike could find plenty to love about Gnecco's self-examining lyrics and the lush, moody, mostly minor-key mini-symphonies Ours constructed around them.

Signed to Dreamworks after a lengthy bidding war, Ours never quite took off, commercially speaking; the band's second effort, "Precious," showed true growth, but no single was ever picked and pushed by the label. A new record is due; in the meantime, Ours continues to tour, where its live show is rapidly becoming the stuff of legend.

The band plays a free show, dubbed "The Dead Rocktar Halloween Party," at 9 p.m. Saturday in the Hard Rock Cafe, 333 Prospect St., Niagara Falls.