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Wow, what a surprise! The News endorsed John Kerry for president. Any reader could have made that prediction six months ago. No further surprise that The News endorsed Brian Higgins, even after saying many good things about Nancy Naples.

The News must share the blame for the condition of Western New York since it continues its tradition of endorsing tax-and-spend liberal candidates who have brought the area to its knees with economic ruin.

What better example of The News' liberal slant than the endorsement of Higgins. Naples is a fiscal conservative who does not hesitate to take on her own party when she sees mismanagement. Higgins is a liberal politician who has voted in favor of almost every tax-and-spend program proposed.

Since the majority of local voters are Democrats, I will be amazed if they do not also favor Kerry and Higgins. Then, in a short time, they will be complaining about the loss of jobs and high taxes.

Bill Barker

West Seneca

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