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Unlucky Louie owns a small apartment house. He got this note from one of his tenants: "Please have our commode lid fixed. It has broke in half and is in three pieces."

Most people can count to three, but today's declarer couldn't make it to six. He ruffed the third diamond and led trumps. East took his ace and shifted to a club, and South won, drew trumps, and led a heart to the ace and a heart back to his jack! West took the queen -- what a shock -- for down one.

"Your finesse couldn't win," North growled. "The man couldn't respond to an opening bid. After he showed an ace, he couldn't have a queen also, giving him six points. Try to drop the queen instead of finessing."

North was right about who had the queen of hearts, but South need not hope the queen will fall doubleton. Since West is also marked with the king of clubs, South can run his trumps. He has K-J-5 of hearts, and dummy has A-4 of hearts and the queen of clubs. West is squeezed.

You hold: 3 Q 10 6 A K Q 7 6 K J 6 5. You open one diamond, and your partner responds one heart. The opponents pass. What do you say?

A: If your king of diamonds were a low diamond, your values would be minimum, and you'd use your second, and perhaps last, bid to raise partner to two hearts. Your actual hand is worth two more bids, hence bid two clubs. If partner next bids two diamonds or 2NT, you'll show your heart support.

West dealer

N-S vulnerable

9 6
A 4 3 2
J 3 2
Q 4 3 2
Q 10 6
A K Q 7 6
K J 6 5
A 5 4
9 8 7
10 9 8
10 9 8 7
K Q J 10 8 7 2
K J 5
5 4
West North East South
1 PassPass4
All Pass
Opening lead -- K

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