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When people enter the voting booth, they should look for the incumbent and think -- if I push this lever, we can look forward to more of the same type of government. I, for one, am not satisfied with their performance and will vote for an alternative at every level, regardless of political affiliation.

The president and Congress have created a fiscal mess that includes a multitrillion dollar federal debt and a $420 billion budget deficit. They just passed a $140 billion corporate tax reduction bill that some conservatives call a "lobbyist dream" and the IRS has suggested that it will be very difficult to administer, inviting more cheating and fraud.

Congress did not address the 2005 budget resolution or finish the 2005 appropriations bills. At the state level, our representatives have allowed Medicaid spending to increase so that we now spend more than twice the national average. We spend more, per student, on education than any other state and the formula for school aid is so outdated that a court order will force the state to spend an additional $5 billion.

Some of our representatives claim they are in favor of reform, but they have been in office for years and nothing has changed. We should not vote for incumbents.

Jack G. Wood

North Tonawanda

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